The short answer is: Maybe; if you are planning a trip and hypersensitive to unknown medical expenses or lost money due to cancellation - travel insurance will most likely be right for you.

Travel insurance isn’t a great investment for every trip, however. A road trip to Grandma’s house probably doesn’t need to be insured – unless your road trip takes you coast to coast. Likewise, a couple planning a weekend getaway close to home probably won’t need it. Anybody traveling abroad or more than 100 miles from home should consider it as a serious investment.

Buying a policy is a smart move if you are feeling cautious about the cost of your trip, the possibility of illness or injury of you or a loved one, or for weather-related cancellations or interruption possibilities. Travel insurance can add an extra level of protection if you are traveling with any children. Whether you trip is short or extended, we can find a plan to cover you and your companions.

When considering a policy, take inventory of the components of your trip. Vacation home rentals, car rentals and events tickets are more unconventional items to insure, yet they can be costly. If these costs are added into the total pre-paid cost of the trip, your insurance policy could protect you if your trip should be cancelled or interrupted.

If you still aren’t sold on the idea, give us a call! We have travel insurance experts licensed in your state ready to answer your questions and find the right plan for you. Or – browse the Provider section of our website to see which plan speaks to you.