Unique and specific concerns may accompany adventure and sports-based travel. The right travel insurance plan would ideally provide you with coverage for all the most pressing needs.

Travel Medical Plan

A travel medical plan may be a good option if you are traveling internationally with sports and adventure in your itinerary. Travel medical plans offer you coverage for emergency medical treatment and, often, emergency medical evacuation to the nearest “hospital of excellence” if you can’t be treated properly in the hospital that you are initially brought.

Before purchasing a travel medical plan, consult your regular health insurance provider to find out what their policies are for coverage while traveling abroad. Sometimes your health insurance coverage will still apply when you are outside of your home country, but it often only covers a portion of your medical expenses, if any at all..

Travel medical plans can either be designed to behave as primary insurance (if your health insurance does not cover costs outside the country) or secondary insurance (to fill gaps that may be left from your health insurance). Knowing which level of coverage you need will help you to purchase the best travel insurance plan. Also, some plans require that you have primary health coverage in place to be eligible for coverage. Make sure to read the plan details carefully to make sure that you meet all eligibility requirements.

Comprehensive Insurance Plan

As you are researching plans, keep in mind that while some travel medical plans provide additional non-medical benefits, such as limited coverage for lost or damaged baggage; comprehensive plans have medical coverage and other additional benefits.

These benefits may be of particular interest to you if you are bringing along any kind of special equipment for your activities or you are traveling to an area prone to severe weather. Comprehensive insurance plans also include emergency medical and medical evacuation coverage. These plans may also be beneficial if you are looking for medical coverage while traveling within the US (if that is your home country) as travel medical plans cover you while traveling internationally.

Hazardous Sports Rider

Depending on your planned activities, you may also want to supplement your travel insurance plan with a hazardous sports rider. The purpose is to provide you with coverage for injuries sustained during activities that would otherwise be excluded on your travel insurance policy.

For example, skiing may not be covered by every travel insurance provider. If it’s listed as an excluded activity on your plan, any injuries you might receive while skiing would not be covered. With the hazardous sports rider, the list of general exclusions is amended and some of the activity limitations are removed.

Still, the hazardous sports rider may have limitations. Scuba diving, for instance, is a common adventure travel activity that usually contains limitations within a rider. Many plans, whether the rider is selected or not, will limit the activity of scuba diving to a certain depth and may require certifications or the presence of a dive master.