How Our Reviews Work

We accept reviews only from customers who have bought the plans we sell. Here's how reviews appear on our website:

  1. When they return from their trip, a customer receives an email inviting them to submit a review.
  2. The review is read by our Customer Care staff, to make sure it is appropriate and helpful for other customers. For more information, see our Terms & Conditions. We publish all helpful reviews, whether they are are favorable or not.
  3. The review appears on our site usually within 48 hours.
  4. Other customers, insurance providers, or our Customer Care staff may comment on reviews.

If you need help with a review you've submitted or have a question, please email us at or call 800-487-4722.

Average Ratings

Each review has an average rating, based on the Coverage, Cost, Claims, and Satisfaction ratings submitted by the reviewer. Our plan and provider average ratings often are above the midpoint. Here's why:

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