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John Hancock
We had to file a claim for the first time ever because one of us got sick on the trip. They handled it quickly and with no hassle. The claim form itself was detailed, but also easy to complete. While trip insurance seems somewhat expensive to me, it's a lot more expensive not to have it!
Kevin R.
We loved the plan, we will use it again and have recommended it to several others for upcoming cruises. Also the representatives have been very helpful when my internet system fails me.
Robert K.
CSA Travel Protection
My wife and I planned a three week trip to China almost a year in advance. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with acute sinusitis and bronchitis just prior to our planned departure, and we had to cancel our trip. I filed a claim for the cost of the trip and our claim was approved by CSA the following day. I am impressed! A very satisfied customer from Pacific Palisades, CA.
Robert H.
Due to a problem with my wife's health, we had to cancel our trip about a month before we were to leave. This was done per her doctor's advice and our insurance claim was paid quickly.
John S.
Travel Insured
Trip Protector Lite
I never had to use this plan but it was easy to navigate the InsureMyTrip website to see what each plan offered and the cost.
Carole M.
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