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"CSA is always very helpful with correspondence and answering questions regarding our customers' trips."
-- Michael, IMT Customer Care

Since 1991, CSA has been providing value-driven travel insurance to domestic and international travelers.

  • Underwritten by Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company
  • Backed by CSA's Customer Commitment to provide superior products and services, attentive customer care, and personalized claims handling

We offer the following plans from CSA:

  • Custom (offers basic coverage plus Pet Return, a nice feature for those who travel with pets)
  • Custom Luxe (expands on the Custom plan with the addition of a Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver)

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  • Economical
  • Includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage
  • Missed cruise connection
  • Concierge Services
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Custom Luxe

  • Higher levels of coverage than the Custom plan
  • Pre-Existing Condition Waiver (if eligible)
  • Optional Cancel for Any Reason (if eligible)
  • Emergency assistance and concierge services
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Latest Reviews

CSA Travel Protection
I felt very secure that the coverage was good. I will use your protection plan again and I will recommend your company to others. Thank you.
jan g.
CSA Travel Protection
We took a 19 day trip from Ohio to Seattle for daughter's wedding and then 12 days of independent travel in SE and some interior. One concern was weather delays with tightly scheduled trip but everything (boat tours, ferries, flights) went as scheduled, regardless of weather, so no claims but it was nice to know insurance was there. Having been there, I feel it would take some serious weather to stop an Alaskan tour business.
Robert P.
CSA Travel Protection
Payment of the full $200 for "delayed luggage" was made in a timely manner which I really appreciated as I spent over a week out of the country without any of the special clothing purchased for the trip and only recovered my bag upon my return home!
Louisa C.
CSA Travel Protection
Custom Luxe
My wife and I have traveled frequently since getting together 24 years ago. We have taken many cruises, done several European tours and have never taken travel protection coverage. This year, we booked travel to Greece and Italy. The trip included several segments and was a bit of a hodgepodge including several days in Venice, a 7 day cruise in Greece, several days in Athens and several days on the island of Kithera in Greece. We booked using points for hotels and some flights. Paid cash for the rest. At the last minute, I chose to take travel protection. We are now in our fifties. With several different segments making up our journey that was booked with several carriers, I felt the need to take some added coverage just in case we got into any trouble. Our trip was wonderful. Three terrific weeks. All except our last day in Athens. Someone broke into the trunk of our rental car and got our electronics (iPads, camera equipment etc). We were heartbroken, as we have never had any hardship in any one of the 50+ trips we have taken. We had taken coverage with CSA. I phoned CSA while we were still in Athens (we were scheduled to come home the next day). The person I spoke to was empathetic and immediately sent me claim information by e-mail. We made a police report before returning home. It took us about a week to collect the documentation. About 10 days after our return, I submitted the claim and all documentation. One week later, I received an e-mail informing me that the claim had been processed and I should expect a check in the next week. I am just tickled. In this day and age, when one so frequently hears about customer service horror stories, I expected to have to jump through hoops to close out this claim. But instead, the process was as painless as I could have possibly imagined. The claim was not huge - $2800. But, the piece of mind that we received , the painless process to sign up for the coverage, and the professional way that the claim was handled, virtually guarantees that we will be long time CSA customers. Great job!
John M.
CSA Travel Protection
I believed this protection to be complete. I was very relaxed about this protection that if a problem came up this protection would cover what I paid for. Thank you.
Judith Pinkham M.
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CSA Claims and assistance


(800) 541-3522


(877) 243-4135
(240) 330-1529 (If overseas, call collect.)

Mailing Address

CSA Travel Protection
P.O. Box 939057
San Diego, CA 92193-9057

Customer questions


Do you offer plans that cover only trip cancellation, delay &/or interruption? We do not need coverage for medical, dental, evacuation, baggage, etc. for an upcoming trip inside the USA.


The Comprehensive Package Plans are the only plans we offer that include Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption. There is no way to remove the benefits you do not need, such as medical and evacuation.
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