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RoamRight offers trip cancellation and travel medical insurance plans for leisure, adventure and business travelers, students and groups traveling domestically or internationally.

  • All plans offer free coverage for one child under the age of 17 per each traveling adult
  • Underwritten by Arch Insurance
  • Based in Towson, MD

All of our RoamRight plans offer the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver, as long as eligibility criteria are met. We offer the following plans from RoamRight:

  • Essential (the most economical plan, good for budget-minded travelers)
  • Preferred
  • Elite (highest coverage limits and greatest number of optional coverages)

Among the optional additional coverages offered through RoamRight are Cancel for Any Reason, Cancel for Work Reasons, Medical and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Upgrades, and Hazardous Sports Coverage. These options are available only with specific plans; please refer to the plan details for eligibility requirements.

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  • Trip cost protection
  • One child, 17 or under, is free for each covered adult
  • Budget friendly
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from 149 customers


  • One child, 17 or under, is free for each covered adult
  • Cancel for any reason (if eligible)
  • Cancel for work reasons (if eligible)
  • Something here
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  • Highest coverage limits
  • One child, 17 or under, is free for each covered adult
  • Cancel for any reason and cancel for work reasons (if eligible)
  • Optional hazardous sports coverage
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Latest Reviews

I bought insurance for my trip and thankfully did not have to use the benefits. I was glad to have coverage and peace of mind that should I run into trouble I would be insured.
Melissa P.
This plan was very affordable and fit our family needs. We did not need to make a claim but I felt secure knowing that we had coverage.
Carla M.
I was traveling with two children ( and they can get sick at any minute) I decided to insure the trip. The cost of the flights were expensive.
Tobi M.
Good plan, addressing all our needs which is why we purchased it. Fortunately, there was no need to file a claim, but the protection was there if needed.
Linda K.
Our family traveled to Costa Rica for two weeks and bought the insurance to be safe. We had a relative that was in poor heath and older parents and we just wanted to know if something did happen our money would not be lost. Two days prior to the trip I became ill and spent the night in the hospital and thought we might have to cancel the trip. Thank goodness all worked out and we enjoyed our trip and never need to use the insurance.
glen t.
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