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The TruTravel insurance plans have been re-branded to the Nationwide Essential and Prime plans. If you have already purchased a TruTravel Super Saver or First Class plan, your coverage will remain with TruTravel. If you have not purchased your plan, you can view and purchase the Nationwide plans here.

TruTravel's portfolio of travel insurance and services offers innovative coverage, allowing travelers to buy the plan that fits their budget.

  • Underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Nationwide Life Insurance Company and Nationwide Mutual Fire.
  • Provides you and your family with a selection of valuable services that can enhance your travel experience before and after your covered trip

We offered the following plans from TruTravel:

  • Super Saver (may appeal to travelers on a budget)
  • First Class (more included coverage with higher limits)

With these plans, you are eligible for TruTravel's non-insurance services as well. Services include TruTravel Assist, allowing you to obtain emergency travel and medical assistance worldwide, and Roadside Assist to help you while you are traveling by automobile within the U.S. and Canada. There are also ID Theft Resolution Services to assist you in the event you are the victim of identity theft while traveling, and TruTravel Wellness, which gives you access to an interactive website that provides information on how to stay healthy and fit for your travels.

Super Saver

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First Class

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Latest Reviews

TruTravel Insurance
Super Saver
Price was right and knowing that I was covered with insurance made my trip that much more enjoyable. Plus knowing that Nationwide a reputable company was the insurer, gave me peace of mind.
Norman D.
TruTravel Insurance
Super Saver
Thankfully we didn't need to file a claim. However, the piece of mind made our trip more enjoyable.
Salvatore S.
TruTravel Insurance
Super Saver
We were very pleased with the cost of insurance we received. We were able to save more than double on the cost compared to the coverage the cruise line was offering. We are going on our second cruise on June 2015 and will be purchasing insurance through TruTravel again. We highly recommend this company!
Synthia G.
TruTravel Insurance
Super Saver
Your plan was easy to understand and simple to purchase. I came very close to needing the benefits and it was a comfort to know that I could be compensated should I have been unable to make my trip. Great peace of mind helped me heal quickly enough to make and enjoy my vacation.
John D.
TruTravel Insurance
Super Saver
Although it took a little longer than I felt it should have to close out my claim, I was very pleased with the final outcome. I will definitely go through InsureMyTrip for future travel insurance.
Courtnie E.
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Thurs 9:30am-5:00pm ET
(727) 799-9284 (If overseas, call collect.)


(888) 878-4757
(603) 328-1937 (If overseas, call collect.)

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