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The TruTravel insurance plans have been re-branded to the Nationwide Essential and Prime plans. If you have already purchased a TruTravel Super Saver or First Class plan, your coverage will remain with TruTravel. If you have not purchased your plan, you can view and purchase the Nationwide plans here.

TruTravel's portfolio of travel insurance and services products is designed to offer innovative coverage, allowing travelers to buy the plan that fits their budget.

  • Underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Nationwide Life Insurance Company and Nationwide Mutual Fire.
  • Provides you and your family with a selection of valuable services that can enhance your travel experience before and after your covered trip

We offered the following plans from TruTravel:

  • Super Saver (may appeal to travelers on a budget)
  • First Class (more included coverage with higher limits)

With these plans, you are eligible for TruTravel's non-insurance services as well. Services include TruTravel Assist, allowing you to obtain emergency travel and medical assistance worldwide, and Roadside Assist to help you while you are traveling by automobile within the U.S. and Canada. There are also ID Theft Resolution Services to assist you in the event you are the victim of identity theft while traveling, and TruTravel Wellness, which gives you access to an interactive website that provides information on how to stay healthy and fit for your travels.

Super Saver

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First Class

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Latest Reviews

TruTravel Insurance
Super Saver
I would use your company again.
Vincenzo L.
TruTravel Insurance
First Class
I was pleased that advanced payment was possible if needed for prompt treatment at overseas facilities.
Carlos S.
TruTravel Insurance
Super Saver
I have purchased the TruTravel Super Saver plan for multiple trips over the past few years. I would highly recommend the plan and the provider for both the coverage and customer service. A few days before our most recent trip it looked as though we would need to cancel. With one quick phone call I had all the information and paperwork required ready just in case. We were able to go on our trip this time after all. I have had to cancel a trip covered by a TruTravel Super Saver plan in the past though and the process was the same. Great customer service and a prompt refund.
Ira E.
TruTravel Insurance
Super Saver
TruTravel provided outstanding service. I have never become ill on vacation and I have never filed a travel insurance claim before. On this trip, I came down with an ear infection in our cruise departure city and then I all of a sudden developed shingles once we were on-board the ship. So I actually had 2 claims. It pretty much ruined the vacation, but TruTravel was easy to work with, and very responsive. We would certainly recommend them to others.
TruTravel Insurance
Super Saver
Ice storm delayed our flight home and had to fly into alternate city. Filed claim for hotel, food, car rental and gasoline (MUST have receipts or credit card statement). Claim processed and paid promptly in full. Have purchased travel insurance in past but never had to file a claim. Certainly worthwhile this trip.
Joe M.
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 8:30am-5:00pm ET
Thurs 9:30am-5:00pm ET
(727) 799-9284 (If overseas, call collect.)


(888) 878-4757
(603) 328-1937 (If overseas, call collect.)

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TruTravel Claims
P.O. Box 26222
Tampa, FL 33623

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