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The Prime plan allows you to insure a higher trip cost than the Essential plan and also includes higher amounts of coverage to protect your pre-paid non-refundable monetary investment. This plan includes benefits for missed connections and changes in itineraries, along with a pre-existing condition waiver.

To learn more, see the Nationwide Prime product page.

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Nationwide Mutual Insurance Prime
Evaluating insurance is a tricky thing to do. If you don't file a claim it means that nothing, at least nothing covered by the insurance, went wrong. And that is a good thing. Insurance is just that, insurance. You are paying for the privilege of knowing that, should there be a problem, you have someone else, a group of professionals, on your side to help you out. If nothing bad happens you are just thankful for that and you aren't concerned about the cost of the insurance. You're just glad it was there in case you would have needed it.
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