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Travel insurance purchased through InsureMyTrip gives travelers access to our Anytime Advocates®.

Our Anytime Advocates® have put more than $1 million back into our customers’ pockets when their cruise, flight or trip was canceled unexpectedly.

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Protect your trip, in the U.S. and overseas

Compare plans to protect your investment in case of illness, lost baggage, or evacuation. Whether you are planning a cruise, a cross-country vacation or a trip overseas, travel protection should be on your radar. The right plan offers the coverage you need if something should go awry while traveling. Travelers may need to cancel their trips for health and medical reasons. Comparing quotes and benefits of different plans can give you peace of mind. Our official SMART system and friendly agents can save you time and give you an easy side by side way to compare services of the different providers.

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Travel worry-free, focus on what’s important

No one is immune to travel mishaps – that’s where international travel insurance or domestic coverage can help. If you buy coverage from InsureMyTrip, it can guard you against aggravation before, during and after your trip. Whether you need to cancel a trip or pay for emergency medical care, the right plan will allow you to travel with coverage for surprise emergency expenses.

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24-hour assistance, wherever you travel

Flight cancelled and stuck at the airport? Twist an ankle and need to find the best hospital? Don’t stress - quick help is available. The companies on have 24-hour assistance available for travelers. So, if things do go wrong, you’ll always have someone in your corner.

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Unparalleled Customer Service

The caring, licensed travel insurance representatives at InsureMyTrip are open and honest with every traveler, because our non-commissioned representatives work to find the best plan for you. Our Anytime Advocates® will support you with the process if you feel a claim has been unfairly denied.

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Unbiased Plan Comparison

We offer hundreds of unbiased plan comparisons from only the best travel insurance companies in the industry. Without worry, you can trust us to deliver the right plan for your upcoming trip. Choose from our affordable plans that guard against a wide variety of losses. We offer a wide variety of plans ranging from comprehensive coverage, travel health insurance, cruise insurance to plans that focus on evacuation or lost baggage.

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Thousands of Customer Reviews

We house over 56,500 customer reviews to help guide travelers to the right plan. Each review helps determine if the plan is right for you and your needs. If the plan’s rating drops below 4 stars, we no longer sell the plan.

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