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It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to sit down with a fellow IMT-er and do an “IMT Talks” interview, so when I decided to revive this particular feature on the company blog, I wanted to bring it back with somebody who truly represents the heart of IMT.  No offense intended to the rest of my coworkers; you’re all lovely and important in your own ways, but when I think about the “heart” of the company, I think of Customer Careand when I envision somebody who really embodies the spirit of Customer Care, I picture Lynne, our Training and Communications Specialist.  She was gracious enough to spend a few minutes giving me a glimpse into her part of the IMT world, where she’s constantly tuned into the needs of the travelers who reach out to our representatives every day.

What’s your official job title, and what does your day-to-day job here at IMT entail?

I’m the Training and Communications Specialist.  I train new Customer Care Representatives and communicate new policy information or changes to current policies and procedures.  I help Customer Care on a daily basis with phone support and providing current information.  I also help interpret policy language.

What brought you to IMT?  What really made you want to work here?

I answered an ad for a Customer Care position, and when I interviewed here, I knew I wanted to be in the Customer Care Center helping travelers.  I wanted to get them the products that would ease their concerns and allow them to enjoy their vacations, stress-free.

What’s the one thing you’re happiest about or proudest of in your work at IMT?

I am most happy that the IMT culture is first and foremost to take care of our customers.  We don’t work on commission, so no one sells a policy that’s not a good fit for the needs of the traveler; and we have no time limits when speaking to our customers, so we don’t rush through calls.  We’re able to take our time and listen to the concerns of the traveler.

You also do a lot of volunteer and charity work.  Do you ever have time to travel?

I actually travel several times a year volunteering for the American Cancer Society.  So far this year, I’ve been in St. Louis and Phoenix, and I’ll be traveling to Orlando, Peoria, and Upstate New York.  But next month I’m actually vacationing in San Francisco.  I’m extremely excited because I’ve never been to the West Coast!

What’s your dream vacation?

I want to bicycle through Ireland and hike in the Outback in Australia.

What’s the one thing you do at IMT that you think has the most impact on making our customers’ experiences better?

I listen.  I have a conversation and understand what their concerns are.  I feel like (the customers) are friends, and I don’t want to disappoint them when helping them with the travel insurance experience.

Thanks, Lynne.  I’ll let you get back to work now, but I enjoyed chatting with you.  I know the travelers who call us must feel the same way!




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