Travel Insurance for Career Breakers

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Travel insurance is a relatively unique product — it’s highly individualized in both its necessity and its scope.  What may be of crucial importance to one traveler as far as insurance coverage is concerned may not even make the Top Ten list of needs for another traveler; what one policy has to offer may be ideal for my family, but not for yours.  InsureMyTrip’s Customer Care Center has been working with travelers for more than a decade to help them make decisions about their own travel insurance needs, and during that time, we’ve learned that there is almost never a one-size-fits-all solution.

Our passion has become helping every traveler find the perfect fit for his or her needs.  When we got to know the people at Meet, Plan, Go!, an organization devoted to helping those who want to take an extended sabbatical (or “career break”) from their day jobs to travel, it immediately became clear to us that this was a community of dedicated and passionate travelers with some very specific travel insurance requirements.  It’s no small thing to take the kind of leap of faith these career breakers must take — to organize a way to purposely leave behind everything familiar and strike out into the world for an adventure that might last months or even years.  We were inspired by their courage and their spirit, and we knew we had to find a way to help them secure their travels so they could fulfill their dreams without having to worry about illness, injury, or unexpected setbacks.

We’re pleased and proud to be the exclusive travel insurance provider for Meet, Plan, Go! After extensive planning and research, our Customer Care Center now has a dedicated hotline specifically for career breakers, and our representatives are thoroughly educated on the unique needs of those taking an extended leave so they can provide specialized service to the career break community.  We look forward to working with Meet, Plan, Go! and their members, and we thank them all for taking us with them.  Nothing excites us quite as much as being able to play a small part in someone’s grand plans.

To speak with one of our licensed Customer Care representatives about insuring your career break, call 885-773-9375.

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