Focus on Food with a Lytro

We sent Sherry Ott on the road with our new Lytro camera to capture the culinary delights of Costa Brava, Spain.

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Ed. Note: Today’s blog post is contributed by our good friend, traveler and writer extraordinaire Sherry Ott of Ottsworld.  We sent Sherry on the road with our new Lytro camera to capture some images of her adventures.  In her first Lytro post, Sherry showed us the wonders of the Istanbul Grand Bazaar.  Today, she’s showing us the culinary delights of Costa Brava, Spain. Thanks again, Sherry, for taking us with you!

Food glorious food – it’s one of the best things about discovering new countries and cultures.  I spent 4 months in Europe this Spring and ate my way through 6 countries – Malta, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, and Spain.  Each had their own specialty foods that are synonymous with their country; however, my 6 weeks in Costa Brava, Spain provided the biggest culinary surprises.

In addition to learning that the world’s best chefs and restaurants hail from Costa Brava, Spain, I also learned that the Lytro camera loves to take food photos.  Insure My Trip kindly loaned me the new Lytro camera to use as I ate my way through Costa Brava and it turned out to be a great way to photograph food.  Food photography requires you to get close – and that’s what the Lytro does best – close up shots.


I took the Lytro with me to an outdoor fisherman’s lunch.   The fishermen in Costa Brava have fishing huts along the coast which have been passed down through generations.  It’s a place they can store their boats and supplies right on the sea for easy access.  Plus – the huts and surrounding area is also a great place to congregate with friends near the sea and have a huge fresh seafood lunch!  Local fisherman and their families hosted me and a few friends at this picture-perfect afternoon lunch.  It started with homemade Aioli (the famous Catalonia garlic mayonnaise)…


…and soon we were digging into plates of fresh gambas (large shrimp), crabs, clams, and various other local dishes and of course cold beer.  After lunch we all hung out and listened to the retired fisherman sing old fishing songs and enjoyed the view!


The Lytro camera also accompanied me to a place where few get to go – Celler de Can Roca – the 2nd best restaurant in the world, located in Girona.  I was able to go inside the world famous kitchen and see the 30 some chefs at work creating a fusion of science and food.  When I got out the Lytro it seemed as if the well trained and focused chefs got distracted as they started asking me questions about the funny looking little camera!


I shot away enjoying this special behind the scenes look that few get to experience before we sat down for our 4 hour, 17 course lunch.  The food at Celler de Can Roca was like a work of art – which made photographing it and playing around with the ‘live focus’ on the Lytro even that much more fun!

But the best part about photographing and focusing on food in Costa Brava – someone had to eat it of course!






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