Airports to Avoid During the Holidays

Travel Insurance Saves the Holidays

Travel insurance really does have a solution for just about anyone, including our favorite holiday heroes.

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At this time of year, it seems everyone’s traveling.  We’re all packing up to head off to Grandma’s house, or on that family ski trip, or getting ready to spend the holiday season someplace warm, tropical, and decidedly un-wintry.  I can’t help but notice that even iconic seasonal characters are all heading off on their own travels.  Frosty?  He’s got a refrigerated boxcar to catch.  Rudolph?  Only in charge of the fastest round-the-world trek ever.  Santa?  Not only Rudolph’s pilot, but traveling with a whole lot of luggage.  Even old Jack Frost is a nomad these days, showing up in the most unexpected places at the least convenient times, and bringing the winter weather along with him.

Fortunately, travel insurance really does have a solution for just about anyone, including our favorite holiday heroes.  Should any of them run into trouble on their travels, having the right insurance policy in hand could do wonders for them.  Dare I say…travel insurance could save the holidays?

If Frosty melts.  Let’s face it — he’s prone to this particular affliction.  If that refrigerated boxcar ended up in, say, Punta Cana instead of the North Pole, our frozen friend could wind up in a lot of trouble.  Medical Evacuation, preferably with the added Hospital of Choice benefit so Frosty could be quickly taken to a more Northern facility familiar with the needs of snowmen, might save Frosty’s life (not to mention his wallet, since evacuation flights are expensive; and as anyone who’s seen the television special knows, he hasn’t got money for a ticket).  Sadly, if it should happen that neither evacuation nor Santa’s December Wind could save our melted friend, we could only hope that he might have purchased an Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy to provide some financial help to Mrs. Frosty and the little snowballs.

If Rudolph’s nose goes out.  Even the brightest of LED lights doesn’t last forever.  While Rudolph might be most famous for having a nose that “blinks like a blinking beacon,” there might come a day when his signature feature is no longer so shiny.  Imagine the consequences of THAT grounded flight!  Fortunately for Santa and any elves who were also scheduled to be riding along as sleigh passengers, the 24-7 assistance providers at their travel insurance company would be able to help them with rebooking and more.  They could even potentially get reimbursement for an eggnog latte at the airport Starbucks, as long as the nose-related delay lasted longer than 5 or 6 hours.  Of course, if the flight were totally cancelled due to Rudolph’s malfunctioning muzzle,  Santa might be wise to check his travel insurance policy to find out whether or not he’s covered for “mechanical failures.”

If Santa’s sack goes missing.  Fortunately, a package policy would provide Santa with coverage for baggage delays in case the elves didn’t quite get things loaded up in time for take-off; if, unthinkably, the sack happened to be irretrievably missing, baggage loss coverage could help the guy in the big red suit replace all those toys.  Of course, gifts for every good child in the world might exceed the total coverage limit on your average travel insurance policy…but that’s another discussion.

If Jack Frost gets out of hand.  We like a guy with enthusiasm for his work, but sometimes, Jack’s a little TOO excitable.  If his antics have you snowbound when you ought to be traveling, or if his signature icy touch damages your cozy winter getaway lodgings to the point that they’re uninhabitable, travel insurance could help.  Trip cancellation coverage may be able to reimburse you for your lost trip if the winter weather causes airports to shut down, or if your home or destination are too badly damaged by storms.

Clearly, travel insurance has a little something to offer to just about everyone this holiday season.  If it hasn’t made it into a place of honor on your to-do list, it might be time to pencil in a phone call to our Customer Care Center in between baking the fruitcake and digging out your most festive theme sweater.  And yes, we’re even open on the holidays — just in case Santa needs to give us a call.

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