What Happens When You Miss Your Cruise?

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John and Sandy are retired and on a fixed income. They saved up enough money to book a cruise to Alaska with friends. But things didn’t go as planned. An airport mishap forced them to miss their entire vacation. And when a refund was refused — they turned to InsureMyTrip for help.

Airport Mishap Leads To Canceled Flight

On departure day, the married couple drove to San Francisco Airport to catch an outbound flight to Anchorage (where they would then board the cruise ship). But a major accident on the runway (plane crash) forced the airport into an emergency shut down. In turn, canceling their flight to Alaska.

Desperate to still make their cruise in time, John and Sandy scrambled. They took a chance and booked a flight out of nearby Oakland Airport. But it took an expensive taxi ride to get there.

But then they got word – their next flight was cancelled too.

Cruise Fails To Reimburse Couple

Frustrated and tired, John and Sandy realized their entire trip was ruined. They would never be able to catch up to their cruise in time. So, they contacted the cruise line and explained what happened. But the cruise refused to provide reimbursement.

“The cruise line told them the only refunds they would receive were shore excursions and taxes. The airline tickets were also considered non-refundable. This meant they were losing about $2000,” said Gail, an Insurance Advocate at InsureMyTrip.

Travel Insurance Claim Denied

When John and Sandy realized their initial effort to get their money back wasn’t working they submitted a claim to their travel insurance company.

But their claim was denied. They were shocked.

Feeling helpless, they contacted InsureMyTrip for assistance. Since they purchased the policy through the travel insurance comparison site, they were able to take advantage of a unique Advocacy program to help customers through the claims process.


Gail, a licensed insurance agent at InsureMyTrip was assigned to the case. Her job was to review their claim. If Gail believed it was valid, she would reach out to their insurance company on their behalf and request a reconsideration.

Gail took a long look at the couple’s claim and realized that they did had a valid claim after all. Gail said the Airport shut down was out of their control and – in turn – led to a series of events that ultimately forced the couple to miss out on their cruise.

InsureMyTrip Helps Get Claim Approved

Gail finally got the travel insurance provider to approve their claim by using the missed connection benefit. That meant John and Sandy were able to get a big chunk of their trip investment back with cruise insurance. A total of nearly $2,000.

“We will always tell our customers we are advocates for them. If they having an issue with an insurance company. If you are having issue not satisfied, we will go to bat for you,“ said Gail.

Learn more about the InsureMyTrip Customer Care operations and their unique advocacy program.