Can I Cancel a Trip During Hurricane Season?

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Picture this: You’re about to leave on vacation to a tropical island and get word of a major storm threat. It’s unclear which way the storm is headed and its impact. Or imagine you booked an all-inclusive vacation to the Caribbean during peak hurricane season.

While we all want to be relaxed and stress-free while traveling, there are times when mother nature can put our trip in jeopardy. And since a trip can be expensive, it can be helpful to know ahead of time how the right travel insurance plan can aid travelers with weather-related concerns.

Here are some examples of how travel insurance enables travelers to cancel a trip due to weather-related concerns:

Cancel trip due to weather: when common carriers such as airlines and cruise lines cease service due to weather.

Cancel due to a hurricane warning: when a destination is under a NOAA-issued hurricane warning.

Cancel because of storm damage at destination: when a hotel, resort, or vacation rental is devastated and made uninhabitable by a storm.

Cancel because home is destroyed by storm: when the home of a traveler sustains destructive storm damage.

Cancel trip for any reason: this is an optional time-sensitive benefit that allows travelers to cancel a trip for any reason.

Tip: Travelers concerned about hurricanes should purchase travel insurance early. Once a storm starts forming, it is considered a foreseeable event and insurance coverage will no longer be available to cover losses related to that storm.

Weather is top concern

The top concern of summer travelers is bad weather affecting vacation plans, according to a new survey from comparison site InsureMyTrip. The findings reveal that unexpected weather concerns have a significant impact on trip insurance purchases for summer travelers.

The poll, conducted by the InsureMyTrip research team, asked licensed travel insurance agents from the company to provide top reasons why travelers purchase travel insurance for trips taken during June through September.

According to the survey, here is the list of reasons in order of importance:

  1. Hurricanes or bad weather affecting travel plans
  2. Concerns over coverage for a vacation rental
  3. Health issues affecting travel plans

The insurance agents polled respond to all phone, e-mail, and chat inquiries from customers with travel concerns.

InsureMyTrip says 80 percent of customers will purchase a comprehensive policy for summer travel. Comprehensive travel insurance provides a variety of benefits including trip cancellation, trip interruption, 24/7 emergency assistance, medical coverage and medical evacuation coverage.

Coverage for cancelling a trip due to weather-related issues differs by insurance company and plan.  When comparing travel insurance, travelers can review policy details for more information on the cancellation policy.

Travelers interested in learning more about protection plans for travel during hurricane season can visit or call (800) 487-4722 to speak with a licensed travel insurance agent.

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