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5 Techie Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

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The dog days of summer have finally found us! Time to load up the kids, friends, family and more into our vehicles and hit the open road. I’ve gathered a few tricks and tips that I use in my adventures and want to share them with the InsureMyTrip fans. No, this isn’t a post about checking washer fluid levels and making sure you have the right PSI in each tire. You already know that, right?

One of my favorite parts of road tripping is parking the car and exploring on foot. Just don’t lose your car. Sure, it sounds completely avoidable. Then everyone hops out, excited to explore a new village or city block and you don’t pay attention to where you parked. An hour and a half later, and you’re playing Hansel and Gretel looking for bread crumbs to lead you back to the old wagon.

Tip 1: Use a map app, and place a pin where you parked.

You’ll be thankful you did. Did you misplace your phone charger, and now the battery is all worn down thanks to all the selfies and facebook posts highlighting your adventures online?

Tip 2: USB ports on flat screen televisions: Know them, love them, and use them.

As long as you have the USB cable, you don’t need that little adapter to charge your phone. Plug to the hotel TV and charge away. Also, ask the front desk if they have any extra cords in their lost or found bin. Every cord left in a hotel ends up somewhere, so why not ask.

Tip 3: Bring a small address book.

I don’t know my wife’s cellphone number, let alone anyone I would need to call if I lost my phone or needed help. Bring the address book and lock it in the glove box. Also, send a postcard or two. Sure, tagging a friend in a post is great, but send your parents a postcard. It may mean more.

Tip 4: Get a road atlas and leave it in the car.

For all the younger readers, it’s like a collection of Google map screenshots collected in a nice little book. It’s the way we used to travel before “Street View” was an option. Ever lose cellphone reception? It happens. You just don’t want it to happen when you’re in the middle of nowhere and can’t open your trusty travel app thanks to that dreaded “No Service” message. You can still find atlases next to most gas station slushy machines.

Tip 5: The playlist.

Every road trip needs an epic playlist. When you were young it may have been that mix-tape you made on cassette or the CD’s you burned in college. Listen, you’ll be in a car for hours. If you rely on the radio, there’s a good chance you’ll hear Taylor Swift’s new single 58 times. Make a playlist.

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