Mobile Boarding Passes: The Future is Here

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When you are traveling by plane, have you ever had that mini panic attack that is accompanied with the realization that you have misplaced a boarding passes? Whether you just picked it up at the check-in desk or you are waiting for a connector, the feeling of misplacing a boarding pass can be overwhelming!

Did you leave it in the restroom? With the TSA? Did it fall when you were rushing to get your connector? All these things can, and have, happened to thousands of travelers every day! Luckily, technology takes this and says – NO MORE!

With the brilliant addition of mobile boarding passes, travelers will no longer need to fish their boarding pass from the bottom of their carry-on or personal item. It’s now on their smartphone or tablet!

This was all astounding to me too. I had never heard about it until an expert, frequent flyer showed me how simple it was to check in for a flight on your phone and text/email the boarding pass to myself.

Everything that is typically on your traditional boarding pass is on the mobile boarding pass – except no place to tear for use. You will find your name, the gate number, all the flight information plus a QR code for scanning you into the flight. Best of all – you can even use it to go through security checkpoints!

Overall, if you are tired of misplacing boarding passes or worrying about them tearing and being void, just switch to a mobile boarding pass. Most airlines have adopted the practice and their representatives can help you download the proper smartphone/tablet app and instruct you on how to use it.

If you are unsure, do what I did the first time. Use the mobile boarding pass, but print out a traditional boarding pass as a backup, just in case any issues should arise. Beware however – you may never go back!

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