Preparing for Weather While Traveling


Traveling is the fun part. Packing is the hard part! How do you know what to pack if you are traveling to a destination you’ve never visited? Sure you need the staples — toothbrush, shampoo, socks — but knowing whether you should be prepared for a rainstorm, a constant mist or a heat wave can really change the contents of your luggage.

In this technological age, the best way to be prepared for your trip is through the internet or smartphone apps. Regardless of the type of trip you are taking, you can find an app that prepares you for the weather at your travel destination. Check out these great apps that could help you out on your next trip:

Road Trip Weather — Let’s start with something that has less to do with packing and more to do with safety. If you are going on a road trip where you could encounter a range of weather concerns, this is probably an app you want to download ($0.99 for an iPhone). The Road Trip Weather app will give you the best possible route from point A to point B taking into account any bad weather along the way. It will alert you to the weather and reroute you if necessary. For safety, pull over before checking the new routes or let your travel companion man the phone while you drive.

Swackett Weather App Screenshot
Swackett Weather App

Swackett — Are you a visual person? If so, you’ll love this app. Swackett takes the weather for your location and dresses an avatar to match how you should dress for the day. Is it going to rain? Well, does your avatar have an umbrella and rain boots on? Is it going to be humid? Your avatar will probably be wearing a ponytail. This takes the thinking out of your wardrobe. Let someone else make the outfit decisions for you and save yourself some time in the morning.

Hurricane Tracker — If you’re next trip is taking you into Hurricane Alley, you’ll most likely want to download this app. Between June 1st and November 30th, hurricanes can pop up across the Atlantic. You can keep track of your travel destination’s weather status through push notifications and visual guides of where any current hurricanes are traveling. This could help you decide whether you’d want to file a claim with your travel insurance provider for a cancellation, delay or just check up on your coverage.

PackPoint Weather Packing App
PackPoint Pack List

PackPoint — This could be the best app for packers. Once you log in, you will input your travel destination, trip departure date, trip length, your gender and the activities you expect to take part in. Then, the app will do its work. It will give you the expected weather for the destination as well as packing suggestions based on the weather report! Who wouldn’t love this app? Not only do you know what to expect, but you can see if you need to purchase any new items before you go into your closet and fill your luggage! It’s like a travel all-in-one weather app.

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  1. Just returned from August trip to Peru/Bolivia in the Andees These suggestion were very helpful and several variable layers there is the way to go with a Good Water proof or Gortex overshell. Can be short sleeved hot sunny or 40 degree rainy in the same hour.

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