Survey Reveals Best and Worst Things About Travel

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InsureMyTrip’s latest travel report took the pulse of American travelers’ opinions on travel attitudes to budgets to stress. Here’s 5 things we learned from the 2016 Travel Trends Survey

Travelers want to experience new destinations

When asked the top reason for traveling, 50 percent of survey respondents want to experience different cultures, new places. Relaxing, sightseeing, and getting away from daily life almost topped the list.

Travel to Europe

Cruising the world is the ultimate dream vacation

Cruising the world is the top dream vacation choice of those polled (36 percent). Other vacation picks include going somewhere exotic (29 percent), backpacking or sightseeing through Europe (13 percent) and staying at a luxury resort (11 percent).

A couple relaxing on the beach

Travelers like to comparison shop 

Travelers prefer convenience over price when it comes to booking airline tickets. Forty-five percent compare airline prices online and buy the most convenient flight while 31 percent compare rates online and buy the cheapest. Twenty-three percent contact their preferred airline directly to book flights.


Travelers get annoyed over unexpected hassle

Airline delays, problems with hotel check-ins and overall hassle of traveling is the top concern of travelers when planning a trip (31 percent). Getting sick or injured before or during a trip is another concern (28 percent) followed by  (15 percent) spending money.

Passport control in Malpensa Airport, Milan, Italy

Flight delays are the biggest pet peeve

Airline delays and cancellations as the top pet peeve at the airport (44 percent). Going through security (26 percent) and cost of airlines tickets (19 percent) are also annoying for travelers.


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