Getting Through the Holiday Travel Rush


With Christmas and New Year’s here, travelers are feeling the pre-holiday mishmash. While planning for the holidays can be a stressful experience here’s some tips from BlogHer that can help last-minute planners feel ready for the trip ahead.

Use apps. Download weather and airline apps to track weather conditions and possible delays.

Find deals. Yes, there’s still time to get last minute deals. While airfare is more expensive, hotels (especially in less-popular holiday destinations) tend to offer lower rates at the end of December.

Tip: Check smaller airports for better ticket prices. For deals, check out apps like Hopper and fare planning calendars. Southwest has one.

Leave off-peak. Early mornings or late night departures can help avoid a big jam. Use traffic apps to get real-time traffic updates.

Redeem credit card rewards. Check credit card reward program for accrued miles. It could be enough to pay for that last minute flight.

Tip: The Venture card by Capital One lets travelers earn 2X the miles on every purchase. Then, travelers can redeem those miles for any travel-related expense — flights, hotels, even Uber rides. 

Use gift bags! Packing gifts in a carry-on or checked baggage? TSA suggests using a gift bag instead of traditional wrapping paper to simplify the screening process of gifts.

Talk to the kids. Let kids know what to expect before heading out the door. Answer questions like “how long will it take?” “will we make any stops along the way?” This helps kids feel more in control.

Plan downtime. Travel can be stressful! Plan downtime to prevent burnout.

So, with some fast planning and the right attitude, holiday travel doesn’t always have to be a “are we there yet?” experience.

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