How to Prepare for Holiday Travel

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Holidays tend to be the busiest travel times of the year. But, unfortunately for many travelers, these dates are also the best times to plan a vacation — when work and school activities slow down. So, for those who can’t avoid holiday travel, there are some ways to best prepare for the trip ahead. Here’s how:

Know what to expect

According to USA Today, some holidays that are notorious for inducing airline delays, long lines, and traffic jams are the following:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • July 4th
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day

Travelers should be aware of possible lag time and plan in advance for delays by doing the following:

  • Avoid peak traffic hours to help prevent additional delays. Tip: research indicates that flights early in the morning have less delays.
  • Leave early
  • Bring extra snacks and activities to help pass the time

Research alternate plans

Those driving should research alternate routes in the event of a significant travel delay. Apps like Waze and Google maps are good resources for seeking other ways to drive to a destination. For travelers hitting the airports, do a quick check of other possible flights available around your scheduled departure time. So, in the event a flight is cancelled or significantly delayed, you will know the other options ahead of time and can rebook quickly.

Stay in touch

Travelers can help prevent further headaches by tracking weather and flight maps in advance. Use apps like or track airline traffic on FlightAware. In addition, its good practice to check sites like CNN or Fox News Channel for any breaking news that could likely affect your travel plans.

Pack light

Airline passengers can help save some time by bringing only a carry-on. This will make it easier to de-board the plane and jump in a taxi or Uber ride while the rest wait at the baggage carousel.

Get travel insurance

Travel time can cause havoc on holiday travel plans, luckily travelers can help avoid losing their travel investment with the right travel insurance purchase. Talk with a licensed travel insurance agent for advice.

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