Why Your Carry-on Shouldn’t Change Your Travel Insurance

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The world is changing when it comes to baggage during flights. There is no consistency. Some airlines allow bags to “fly for free”, others give one bag for free and you pay for any bag after that. Typically, you’re allowed one carry on bag and one personal item.

As United recently announced, that world may be changing too. Flying with a free access to the overhead bin for your carry on may be disappearing. Although the details have yet to be ironed out, we are pretty confidently assuming these fees will be pre-paid and non-refundable additions to your trip cost.

Baggage protection is a big part of comprehensive trip insurance, but there are so many other reasons to get a travel insurance plan for your next small trip (especially a holiday trip). So even if you are flying with a free bag (carry-on or checked), you should consider a travel insurance plan for these reasons:

Tiny Trips – No Time to Lose

You may not be losing a lot of money if this trip is delayed by bad weather or technical issues, but you will be losing lots of time. Travel delays can really affect short trips in a negative way; possibly even cancel the trip, depending on the delay time. Why risk that?

A comprehensive plan can reimburse you for a delay or cancellation due to a covered reason! This could include any part of your trip that was prepaid and non-refundable. Think: flights, hotel and (in some cases) event tickets.

Keep Your Spontaneity

Some people think adding a travel insurance plan to your trip means a loss of spontaneity for your short trip. Remember: travel insurance can be purchased as soon as you book your trip! If you book three days before you leave – you can still get coverage!

And a plan can add to your spontaneity as well! Some plans have options like Cancel for Any Reason coverage, which can allow you to cancel your trip for reasons not listed on the plan (option subject to eligibility). We know you love your freedom just as much as your money – this extra benefit can help you keep both!

Stay Healthy on Your Trip

Ok, travel medical coverage isn’t going to set you up to have a well visit with a doctor while you are away. However, it may be able to cover costs of emergency medical needs that aren’t covered by your primary health insurer. This benefit can be useful for travelers who are staying State-Side or going overseas.

With all medical coverage, you want to review the exclusions. If you’re traveling for the weekend to jump out of a plane, be extra vigilant with the coverage: there are not many travel insurance plans that will allow coverage of injury while doing an adventure activity. Also there is a difference between primary and secondary insurance that is important to clarify in case of a claim.

If you don’t know what you don’t know – visit our site for the ins and outs of all plan coverage.

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