A New York City Tradition: New Year’s Eve at Times Square

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It’s arguably the most popular New Year’s Eve celebration in the world: New York Times Square Celebration. Millions of people travel to New York City every year to ring in the new year by watching the sparkling ball drop in the center of Times Square. Billions of people watch the ball drop on TV programming and streaming social media video.

When millions of people descend on one small area of the big city, what is the allure? Although we have never experienced this New York City tradition, it’s well known to be the most electric place to be on New Year’s Eve. Everyone who shows up is excited for the future and to witness a piece of history!

If you are willing to take on the monumental the crowds and unprecedented excitement – we’ve got some tips to make sure your New Year’s Eve is the best ever.

Minimize What You Bring With You

This tip is specifically for your night out on New Year’s Eve. Sure – you’ll want to bring your kitchen sink when you are traveling to NYC for the weekend (gotta get all dolled up). But when you go out the night of New Year’s Eve, less is more safe. You’ll be in large crowds wherever you go. You’ll want to leave your large bag, backpack or kitchen sink back at the hotel.

Be aware of Pickpockets

If you were to travel internationally, you’d be very aware of pickpockets and plan accordingly. Sometimes, we miss sight of this danger when we are traveling close to home – or at least in the same country. When you choose how you’ll be carrying around your ID and money, pick something that’s safe. Switch your wallet to your front pocket if you normally carry it in the back. Make sure that your purse or handbag is always zipped and securely around your body.

Comfortable Shoes

It goes without saying, but you’ll be standing a lot if you are going to Times Square this weekend. You’ll want comfortable shoes. For some people, dress shoes are so normal they are comfortable. For others they are a torture device from the middle ages. Choose your footwear wisely. You’ll be walking and standing a lot during this celebration.

Times Square Isn’t the Only Thing to Do

I know it must be weird to hear, but there are other things to do in NYC on New Year’s Eve. Shocked? If you want to celebrate in the city but aren’t looking forward to standing on a cold street corner for hours with a million of strangers – look around for other things to do! You’ll most likely find something that fits your liking!

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