Benefits of Taking a European River Cruise


Are you an avid cruiser but looking for something a little different? Are you nervous of cruising open waters due to seasickness? When you are planning your next vacation, a European river cruise may be the perfect trip for you!


A river cruise, oppose to another type of vacation or cruise, has it’s benefits. Some are obvious: less choppy water, slower speeds from the ship, less people traveling with you. But others aren’t as clear. Lucky for you, we’ve figured it all out.

Less People – Great Benefit


It’s no secret that ocean cruises are full of people, typically of all ages. River cruises, on the other hand, are smaller ships, therefore there are less people – and certainly less children. Although children are allowed on the ships, it’s very rare to see them there. These cruises are geared to adults, but there is something for everyone along the rivers of Europe.

Let’s not forget, less people means less germs. Ocean cruises have continually been in the headlines of outbreaks of infectious illness. While you are not immune to illness while cruising on a European river, you can agree that by traveling with less people lessens your chance for illness.

More Included, Some All-Inclusive


Hate hidden fees or large added on expenses to your trip? When you travel on a European river cruise much of the adventure is included. You’ll experience included meals, of course, but also some drinks, tours at the ports and transportation to and from the airports. This allows you to enjoy more of your trip without worry of over extending your budget. If you are looking to spend no extra money, be sure to research some of the luxury cruise lines which are all-inclusive. 

Fresh Food From Local Stops


Because the ships are smaller, they have little space to store food. So, it’s very common for the restaurant staff to stock up on local foods as the ship sails from port to port. This means that you will be experiences local cuisine and fresh food that is unparalleled.  

Dripping in Culture


If you want to travel throughout Europe, drinking in the rich culture, and never have to checkout of your hotel and into another – the European river cruise is your answer. You’ll experience the history and culture that Europe has to offer while only unpacking your bag once!

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  1. Fortunately I am already an avid river cruiser or I would RUN if I really believed
    (as quoted from “Benefits of Taking a European River Cruise: Fresh Food From Local Stops”) the comment that it is “very common for ships to pull in ‘perversions’ as they sail from port to port”!

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