Why Choose to Cruise Entirely in the United States?

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When cruisers are choosing the itinerary, they are rarely thinking, “Gee, I think this time I’m going to only cruise to ports in the United States.” Sure, I don’t know this for certain. I’m making a highly educated guess by the lack of cruise line itineraries that do not include any international destinations. There are very few.

Travelers can cruise the Hawaiian Islands or down a river with the United States on either side, but it is very hard to find a mainstream cruise line that travels the coastlines without including at least one international destination (Nassau, Nova Scotia, and Vancouver are the most popular). But there are merits to taking a cruise that only docks at United States cities.

No passport required.

If you are traveling exclusively to United States cities, you do not need to apply for a passport! This can often trip up a lot of travelers because they can be an added cost to the budget and stressful to wait for by the mailbox. Seems simple but, if you aren’t leaving the United States, you don’t need a passport!

Save money on the flight.

Keep in mind, this one may not always be the case, like if you are traveling to the opposite coast or to Hawaii. By staying on the same coast or to a US river port, you could potentially save hundreds on your plane ticket. If you cruise the Caribbean, most travelers will need to fly to the port. If you do your research and pick a cruise itinerary that leaves on the same coast, you really shorten your budget.

You have options!

It may seem like you don’t because the number of cruise itineraries is small compared to international cruise itineraries. We promise you do. You can sail the tropical climate of the Hawaiian Islands, the frozen tundras of Alaska, the bustling ports of the Mississippi River, the historical coast of the Carolina’s and the quaint villages of New England. Those are very, very different experiences, but most travelers could find something within the list of itineraries.

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