Disney Vacations: What If You Get Sick?

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Ah. Disney. The Happiest Place on Earth. Filled with Dole Whips, Mickey Mouse ear hats, giant souvenir cups of the latest Star Wars flick and germs. Yup. Germs.

It’s very possible that your dream family vacation will be plagued with illness. While you can make your best effort to fight off the germs (like bathing your children in sanitizer after every ride, meal or bathroom break), sometimes germs just win.

So, how can you cope with illness, and even injury, while you are on vacation in Disney? I know it’s never easy to deal with a sick child when you are away from home, but it is possible. Here are some tips if something should happen during your Disney trip:

Talk to a Cast Member/Front Desk Representative. Every employee at Disney is trained on getting visitors medical help – whether it’s for emergency services or just locating pain reliever for purchase. If you should find yourself in need of medical attention while at a park, find the closest cast member. They can direct you to exactly where you need to go to address the problem. Each park has one nurse on staff for simple medical care, but they can also call emergency services if needed. If you are at the resort, call down to the front desk and the representative there can assist you with the same services.

Research your primary health insurance coverage available in Florida or California. This is important and may shape the level of travel insurance coverage you’d want to purchase. If your out-of-network costs may be too much for your budget to handle, a travel insurance plan with emergency medical coverage would be something you’d want to consider. Travel medical coverage can help to reimburse travelers of unpaid medical claims from their primary health insurance. If you’re 100% covered in these states, travel medical coverage may not be a necessity for you (but still consider it for travel cancellation, interruption, delay and baggage!!).

Make your own first aid kit. Sometimes we overlook packing items that may change the course of your vacation. My husband gets motion sickness worse than anyone I know (a simple airport transfer in the back of a stuffy van could set him off). We pack motion sickness medication for each day of the trip as well as anti-nausea medication. Of course, Band-aids and antiseptic are a must (as long as they are Disney-themed). You can bring this into the parks with you, and we also recommend packing extra water to keep the family hydrated in the heat of the day.

Don’t wait until your home to address any concerns. We don’t recommend packing an ace bandage in your first aid kit with the intention of “sticking it out until you get home.” Not the best idea. If you injure yourself while on this trip, you’ll want to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Although it may be inconvenient for your trip schedule, you may be saving yourself further injury. If you are ill, we recommend seeing a doctor as well, just in case it’s not safe to travel or the situation is worse than you expected.

Also, your travel insurance plan will most likely not be able to reimburse you for any unpaid medical expenses if you do not see a medical professional while traveling. Note: get a copy of your invoice prior to leaving the medical facility. You won’t want to track that down when you get home and need to place a claim.


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