4 Simple Rules for International Travel

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Having the opportunity to travel internationally is exciting! There are endless experiences, magical locations, and amazing people all over the world. As you prepare, there are four simple rules you should follow to keep your travel experience as wonderful as you imagined.

Get Your Shots!

Every destination comes with an opportunity to explore and develop as a traveler. Unfortunately, that sometimes means also exploring unfamiliar illnesses and germs. The CDC recommends vaccinations and immunizations to help us stay healthy no matter our destination. Keep your shots current, and know what risks your destination could have on your health. Staying healthy could be as simple as a booster shot and a Band-Aid. For more information, check out this article on immunizations for travel from InsureMyTrip.

Research Medical Insurance.

Speaking of health, you’ll want to know if your primary health insurance offers coverage in your travel destination.  If you’re on Medicare, chances are you’ll need to find travel medical coverage. In fact, even if you have a great domestic plan, you may want to supplement with travel medical coverage – to be sure you’re covered. Call your health insurance provider and ask them about your coverage and costs. Your end goal is to know if your plan will leave you fully or partially exposed abroad. Chances are, your health insurance will not work the way you think it should.

Avoid Ethnocentrism.

Ethnocentrism is one of those SAT words that you never expected to hear again. Ethnocentrism describes the process travelers take when negatively evaluating a foreign culture by the “norms” found in their own culture. It’s easy to fall victim to this thinking, but also easy to break the mindset. It all has to do with travel etiquette.

Turn Wi-Fi Assist to OFF!

Just like health insurance providers may not cover your medical needs abroad, your cell phone company may charge you extra to place calls or use data internationally. Set your phone to Wi-Fi mode, but turn off Wi-Fi assist.  This feature, found in your phone settings, allows the cellular carrier to use your data limits to supplement poor Wi-Fi service. This means when you are international, you’re connecting to a cell tower outside of your network…ROAMING FEES! There are ways to use your phone internationally without paying for it later, and you’ll want to know them before stepping on your flight.

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