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Europe is a treasure. From swimming at the beaches of Greece to skiing the mountains of Switzerland, the region has something for every season. One of the greatest benefits of traveling in Europe is how easy it is to visit multiple countries in a relatively short time period. You can drive from Paris to Berlin in 10 hours! To put that in perspective, you could drive north from Corpus Christi, Texas and in 10 hours you would be just above Amarillo… Texas.

Want to see as much of Europe as possible? Let’s find out what mode of transportation is right for you.


Seasoned traveler, Rick Steves has a fantastic article on budget-friendly air travel in Europe. He highlights the fact that these budget flights will get you close to bigger attractions and cities, but you may need to take a train or car to town. Established airlines are always favorable, but Europe has several smaller players in the airspace that make even cheaper flights a valid possibility.


Unlike America, Europe did not give up on rail systems but continued to develop them. High-speed trains, regional rails, and even traditional commuter lines move travelers throughout European countries.  You can build a whole vacation around the train, in fact, Eurail has itineraries for train-loving travelers and quick routes for those looking to choose their own adventure.


Is the Autobahn calling you? Perhaps a ride over the Millau Viaduct, the tallest bridge in the world, is too good to pass up? Europe is a very drivable region, filled with cobblestone roads, five-lane highways, and scenic country lanes. Rental cars are always an option, as our driving tours too. Auto Tours International has dedicated routes throughout the area, with accommodations and a Hertz rental car included.

My Suggestion:

Take advantage of the rail systems. It truly is a magical way to travel. Visit RailEurope and see if a rail pass is available to the locations on your itinerary. It’s simple. Type in the countries you’ll be visiting, and the site combines the maps, schedules, and fares for over 50 different train companies across Europe, allowing for a one-step plan to book your European rail travel.

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  1. Jeremy, you would do better swimming in Greece’s water then in the beaches. The cheap airlines can be great, but RyanAir customers might have a different perspective. Check how the one you’re thinking of taking is doing financially. Know the compensation regulations of the countries you’re flying from and to.

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