Cruise trends for 2019

2019 Cruise Trends


Wave season is here! From January through March 2019, cruisers can expect plenty of deals. Take a look at these popular cruise trends and find out what’s hot in 2019.

Aside from bargains, there are other incentives to hit the high seas this year. A new cruise trends report by InsureMyTrip and Cruise Critic, the largest cruise community, reveals that plenty of our favorite cruise lines are planning big upgrades to staterooms and revised itineraries. In addition, InsureMyTrip’s 2019 Cruise Survey is in! Here’s some of the findings:

Early Birds

Search data suggests that many cruisers start hunting for the best deals in early January. Then, make a decision and place a deposit soon after. The last week of January is dubbed “Wave Week”, the most popular days to book a cruise. (Source: Cruise Critic)

Technology Enhancements

Travelers can look forward to improved internet capabilities and technologies being rolled out across brands like Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian and MSC in the upcoming year.

Longer Time In Port, Less At Sea

More cruise lines will provide additional time in port and less time at sea, giving cruisers more time to explore destinations. Also, many cruise lines are planning port enhancements and upgrades. (Source: Cruise Critic)

More Personalized Experiences

In addition to other cruise trends for 2019, cruisers can expect more cabin upgrades and perks as suite passengers, like personal concierges and private dining. (Source: Cruise Critic)

Increased Demand For Cruise Insurance

More cruisers are considering third-party travel insurance for 2019 voyages. Some comprehensive travel insurance plans now include inconvenience benefits for cruisers. (Source: InsureMyTrip)

Getting Sick Or Injured Is A Top Concern

Cruisers are most concerned about an illness or injury affecting a trip followed by bad weather and missing a cruise departure. (Source: InsureMyTrip Survey)

The Caribbean Continues To Dominate

One in four polled chose the Caribbean (25 percent) as a favorite cruise destination, followed by Alaska (18 percent). Seven percent chose Italy as a top place to visit. (Source: InsureMyTrip Survey)

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  1. Traveling on cruise ships makes a vacation so memorable. So many places that you can go to and you don’t need to change transportation just to get to one point and another. River cruising, though limited in sites, can still be very enjoyable, and it’s wonderful that there are people who comment on this blog and share their wonderful cruise experience.

  2. We took the Viking river cruise from St Petersburg to Moscow and it couldn’t have been better. The food and service was fabulous. The only downside was the traffic in St. Petersburg–but you can’t blame Viking for that. We have another Viking river cruise scheduled for this fall from Budapest to Amsterdam.

    1. Hi Lynn. Thanks so much for your feedback! It is great to hear that you enjoyed your trip to Russia. Have a great time in Budapest! If you take any photos, feel free to send them our way [email protected]. We would love to feature them here on the blog.

  3. My wife and I did the Paris/Normandy Viking river cruise in October, and it was the best trip we’ve ever had. Great food, fabulous staff, enjoyable itinerary. We’d love to do another soon.

  4. We have taken several river cruises with Vantage, and they were wonderful.They aren’t quite as expensive as Viking but offer more included excursions and cultural connections. The last one we took was on the Douro River in Portugal. It was great. We’re going back to The Netherlands this year and taking a cruise on the canals and rivers.

  5. River cruises may look expensive on the surface, but if you check the details you will be surprised at how much is included in the price – most shore excursions, beverages, etc. But beware: U.S river cruises are much more expensive than those in Europe even factoring in the air fare to get halfway around the world! I’ve cruised with three different river cruise lines and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I’m surprised at the negative comments above about Viking – my St. Petersburg to Russia cruise was amazing in every way. In fact, my next cruise is also on Viking (Paris to the Normandy beaches).

    1. Thanks Mona for chiming in. That’s a great tip to review the ‘bang for your buck’ included on the trip. Have a great time in Paris on your next cruise! Please let us know how you make out — or take a few photos that we could share over here on the blog (e-mail: [email protected]). We would love an insider perspective!

  6. We took a 21 day trip to China with Viking in 2008. It could not have been more perfect!!
    We were pampered, shown sights we could never do on our own, were wined and dined, had a fabulous guide with us 24/7, and every detail was taken care of. Iced wet towels for our face and hands upon our return to the ship, iced bottled water on the bus, free rain ponchos, beautiful new busses, and the newest , most luxurious ship on the Yangze.

    We will be doing all our river cruising with Viking in the future.

    1. Those iced wet towels sound refreshing! Do you remember D.F. what the name of the cruise ship you took (or if they still offer that tour)? We would love to check it out. We are working on an article about different river cruise options. Thanks for your feedback!

  7. I was on a Viking River Cruise this past summer in Russia. It was the worst travel experience that I, and my three travel companions have ever had. The food was horrific. Viking advertises a bathroom on their motor coaches, but the bathrooms were locked all 12 days of the cruise, despite reporting it to the program director and hotel manager. Viking also advertises the Viking Service Guarantee, but they don’t honor it. There were several other service issues that were not up to our expectations based on the cost of the cruise. I think the marketing department does a great job selling the cruise, but the cruise was a nightmare. Despite repeated attempts to resolve the situation with Viking, I have failed. Viking refuses to accept any responsibility for the terrible experience. I would strongly advise people to never travel with Viking.

    1. Thanks Clare for your comments about your experience in Russia. Despite the cruise, some of us in the office wanted your feedback on Russia as a cruise destination — curious what ports you liked or disliked the most?

      1. The four of us had been on a Baltic Oceania cruise and loved it. Oceania is our favorite cruise line, despite the small cabins and bathrooms, the food, service, ports, casual attire, and open seating for meals make Oceania tops for us. We have been to St. Petersburg twice and loved it. There is so much to see.

        River cruises offer tours that are included as well as some optional tours. I prefer private guides or optional tours. One of the negatives of the included tours was a city bus tour. We drove around the city, but the bus didn’t stop to let us go in any of the sights. We opted to spend the last day in St. Petersburg visiting the Faberge Museum, the Church of Our Savior of the Spilled Blood and St. Issac’s Cathedral. It is a shame not to see these three sights. We took the Behind the Scenes Tour of the Hermitage and I wouldn’t recommend it. We didn’t actually get to see any restoration being done. We walked through a warehouse to see items stored for repairs. I also would not recommend the included ballet in St. Petersburg. It is held in a theater that is not the Bolshoi and it is a ballet company for tourists. Do not miss Catherine’s Palace, Hermitage and Peterhof. When we had a private guide we were able to visit many more things in the same amount of time.

        Moscow was very interesting with many beautiful things to see. Must see attractions include: St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Diamond Fund, the Kremlin and the Kremlin Armory, the Bolshoi, Red Square.

        We booked the river cruise to see some of the interior of Russia, but we decided that we would have preferred to just go St. Petersburg and Moscow for more days. We saw a lot of pine trees. Mandrogi has an “artist colony” for cruise ships. It was a total waste of time. Kizhi was two large wooden churches that look great on the outside, but are rather small on the inside. At Kuzino we went to a school (waste of time) and a monastery. I could have easily skipped this port too. Yaroslavl and Uglich were larger towns and therefore had more to see. St. Petersburg and Moscow have offer so much that I recommend longer stays there. Be sure to see Moscow at night. Viking docked far away in St. Petersburg and Moscow. It took forever to get into the cities. Oceania docked very close to the city attractions. The traffic in both cities is very heavy. Trying to navigate the subway system in Cyrillic alphabet was impossible. I highly recommend a trip to both cities.

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