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Sleep with Sharks? Sure! Plus Other Unforgettable Hotel Rooms

Let’s face it: Even some of the nicest hotel rooms are a little … dull. That’s by design, since hotels do their best to keep things as generically pleasant to as wide an audience as possible. But what about those times you’re feeling a little more adventuresome on your vacation? Well, have we got some

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Safe Harbor: 4 of the World’s Safest Places to Visit

When thinking about a vacation, the question of “how safe is my destination” is one of those factors that might not get much discussion – but which is of paramount importance to the majority of travelers. Sure, there’ll always be intrepid folks and those looking to do humanitarian work who might consciously venture into less-safe

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Surprise Medical Bills Overseas

Surprise medical bills and tourism

Outrageous Hospital Bills While Traveling Abroad Travelers may be surprised to learn that their domestic health insurance may not cover any emergency doctor of hospital visit outside the US. According to a recent survey by InsureMyTrip, over 56 percent of Americans aren’t clear whether their domestic health insurance works while traveling abroad. Generally, coverage varies

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