Closures and Delays: Can’t Get There From Here

When asked what the most common concern of travelers might be, during Hurricane Season, most of our reps immediately answered; “They’re worried that they can’t get where they’re going.”  Inclement weather can, of course, close airports and other travel hubs, or cause a domino-effect of delays and cancellations rippling outward from affected cities and wreaking

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Travel Insurance & Hurricanes: What to Ask

One of the reasons we’re so adamant about trying to stay in touch with our customers is that it’s often the experience of one traveler that helps us better serve the needs of all travelers.  One person’s experience can sometimes help us to uncover unique questions and concerns about travel insurance that might help somebody

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WARWICK, RI, July 19, 2011—, the premier travel insurance comparison site, has launched a brand new initiative that makes choosing and buying travel insurance far easier for all travelers. InsureMyTrip’s Customer Ratings & Reviews (R&R) program marks one of the most significant updates in the innovative company’s eleven year history, and establishes InsureMyTrip as the

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Dennis, Information Technology Manager I am happy to report that the technophiles at are embarking on another computing adventure – we will be joining the “test flight” of IPv6 by participating in World IPv6 Day on Wednesday, June 8, 2011! What is the big deal about IPv6? In brief, the IP address framework currently

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