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Disney Vacations: What If You Get Sick?

Ah. Disney. The Happiest Place on Earth. Filled with Dole Whips, Mickey Mouse ear hats, giant souvenir cups of the latest Star Wars flick and germs. Yup. Germs. It’s very possible that your dream family vacation will be plagued with illness. While you can make your best effort to fight off the germs (like bathing

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Trip Cost: How to Properly Insure a Disney Vacation

Disney World Castle Christmas 2016

Planning a trip to Disney for the first time is stressful – I know from first-hand experience. Tons of questions are floating through my mind about whether or not we should stay on property, should we invest in the meal plan, and which flights will be the best for my youngest’s nap schedule? It’s overwhelming

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Protect Your Disney Family Memories with Travel Insurance

A family trip to Disney World is going to create memories that last a lifetime, especially the first one. From the first steps on Main Street to the fireworks show on the last night, you’ll want to soak up every single minute. Unfortunately, not every trip to Disney is blemish-free. Things happen that threaten to

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Kid disappointed? Beat the lines at Disney World

Planning a trip to Disney World can feel overwhelming for parents. We rounded up some vacation pros to reveal their secrets to a stress-free vacation — that are sure to keep mom, dad, and the little one happy too. 1. Pace Yourself Disney World is far more huge than you can imagine before you go. You can’t see

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