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Look OUT! 5 cities most frequently hit by hurricanes.

By Jeremy Miville The hurricane season is well underway, and except for a few tropical storms and depressions, this year has yet to heat up! However, you and I both know the season is not over until the end of November. Hurricane Alley is always a hot topic this time of year, but what locations

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Vacation during hurricane season?

As predicting the unpredictable goes, Hurricane Season is one of the best opportunities travelers have to gaze into the crystal ball of “known perils” and take early steps to prevent vacation disasters. Of course, you might argue that no two hurricane seasons are alike, and some are very mild — almost a non-event. You might also have your confidence bolstered by early models that predict a less active season than usual. So why not just wait and see how the season shapes up before insuring your trip?