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What Happens When You Miss Your Cruise?

John and Sandy are retired and on a fixed income. They saved up enough money to book a cruise to Alaska with friends. But things didn’t go as planned.  An airport mishap forced them to miss their entire vacation. And when a refund was refused  — they turned to InsureMyTrip for help. Airport Mishap Leads To

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InsureMyTrip in the News: Forbes Online

“A Travel Insurance Skeptic Changes Her Mind” is a recent article on Forbes online site examining the different types of travel insurance coverage available to consumers, and what makes the most sense to purchase based on various need levels. Topics include cancellation coverage, medical needs, and the importance of comparison shopping. Highlights include: Traveling with

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InsureMyTrip in the News: Chicago Tribune

Gregory Karp questions the “Pros , cons of picking travel insurance” in an article featuring commentary from InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace. Highlights include: Understanding the scenarios that make even confident travelers nervous and why travel insurance can be an attractive idea. The article details what travel insurance may cover, the cost, and the benefits in purchasing

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