Frequent travelers may want to consider looking into travel insurance that is designed to cover multiple trips on a single policy, rather than insuring each trip separately. More often than not, there is a financial benefit to buying a multi-trip insurance plan, and that cost savings can be significant for those who take several trips within the course of a year.

A multi-trip insurance plan is different from one that covers multiple destinations. "Multi-trip" means that you are intending to depart from your primary residence for a trip, then return at some point, where you’ll stay for some length of time before departing again, and repeat that cycle more than once in a year's time. A single trip, with multiple destinations (i.e., from home to Paris, then London, then Madrid, then back home at the conclusion of your tour) can be covered by a traditional travel insurance comprehensive plan.

Multi-trip plans are available for purchase on an annual basis only and cover a wide range of options. You can purchase a multi-trip travel medical plan, which provides benefits for emergency medical care and evacuation to an appropriate treatment facility on each of your trips. Multi-trip evacuation only plans, which will allow you to receive coverage for emergency medical evacuation, are also an excellent option. Comprehensive plans, which provide benefits for trip cancellation, trip interruption and travel delay, are unfortunately not available as multi-trip plans.

As with any travel insurance plan, there will be limitations, exclusions and variations between plans and providers of multi-trip insurance. Thoroughly research your options and be sure that the multi-trip plan you are considering purchasing is the right one for your specific needs.