Single-Trip vs. Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Travel medical policies come in two different varieties: single-trip and multi-trip.


A single trip is when you are leaving home, traveling for a time, then returning home. It doesn't matter if you will be going to multiple countries. This is still considered to be a single trip, as you will be leaving home and returning home only once.


Multi-trip coverage is purchased on an annual basis. These policies cover you for the period of one calendar year beginning on the effective date you enter when getting a quote or purchasing coverage. They provide protection when you leave home and return home multiple times over the course of the year.

There are a few things to keep in mind though:

  • Multi-trips will always have a limit on how long each trip can be. So no matter how many trips you may take over the course of the year, none can be longer than that number of days or the coverage will end and any further travel will not be covered by the multi-trip policy until you have returned home and left again. The amount of time covered will range from 30-75 days depending on the company.
  • All multi-trip policies require that you have primary health insurance in place in the US in order to provide you with coverage. If you do not have health insurance they will not cover you.
  • The multi-trip policies available at Insure My Trip are designed to cover only medical emergency and emergency medical evacuation. Accidental Death coverage can also be purchased on a multi-trip basis, but that's an elected option offered on most of the Accidental Death policies. There is no coverage provided for trip cancellation or delay of travel. Certain medical multi-trip policies will cover baggage loss, but only for a small amount and only for checked baggage.
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My wife and I will be leaving on May 2nd for 36 days. 18 days in South Africa (of which 12 days will be on a guided tour), 4 days in Zimbabwe and Botswana on another guided tour, one day in India, 7 days at Club Med Bali, and one day in Singapore. How de we state the country we will visit?


This is type of situation is considered a single trip. It is only necessary that you list the country you will be in the longest, or if you are traveling somewhere that is considered a restricted country, you would want to list that to make sure you will have coverage. In this case, I would list Zimbabwe since some policies do consider that a restricted destination.
David M.,
Customer Care insureMyTrip
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I'm planning a trip where I'll be out of the country for 2.5 months (visiting 3 countries), returning to the US for 3 days (for a wedding in my home state but not my hometown), and then returning to one of the countries I previously visited for 3 more months. Does this qualify as a single-trip? I'm only interested in medical coverage, not trip insurance. Thanks for your help!


Single Trip plans cover you to travel to multiple destinations for a short or longer period of time. Once you return home, the trip would be considered over, even if it is only for a few days, and the policy would end. Some single trip plans (State and trip duration specific) offer a coverage called "Incidental Home Country Coverage" - this coverage would allow you to insure the entire 5.5 months and 3 days, not have your coverage interrupt when you return home, and would not require you purcahse two separate plans. This optional coverage is listed under the "Additional Notes" section, when comparing a plans details. Please click on the coverage limit in blue to see the details of this coverage.
Customer Care insureMyTrip
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