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Nationwide Mutual Insurance
I appreciated the automatic emails wishing up a good trip and welcoming us back. It meant that you were aware of our trip and we felt secure that we were covered.
Marvin D.
TruTravel Insurance
Super Saver
No problems on the trip so everything was great.
Audre S.
CSA Travel Protection
Provided "peace of mind" that allowed us to relax without worry about unintended surprises.
Joseph P.
CSA Travel Protection
Thankfully, I didn't have any issues traveling and didn't need to use any portion of the insurance.
Cynthia W.
TravCan Premier
The key drivers for us were: A. the Medical Insurance being primary and B. the bag delay/theft allowances. Fortunately, we didn't have need of either of these features, but it was nice knowing that if we had an issue we were covered. One of the travelers with us had their bag delayed a day by the airlines, and it took 3 days for it to catch up with us on the Safari. Good thing the camp did laundry and others in the group lent them clothes.
Stephen E.
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  1. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Essential
  2. CSA Travel Protection Custom
  3. InsureAssist TravCan Premier
  4. Allianz Global Assistance Basic
  5. InsureAssist TravCan

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