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Since 1999, Global Alert customers have traveled with the peace of mind knowing they are protected by a quality of travel insurance products. They are not only an industry leader in travel-related coverage, but also service.


Global Alert, headquartered in Missouri, is committed to providing fast, fair and friendly service for any customer in the midst of a claims process. They answer their phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet the needs of all their travelers. Should the traveler need to file a claim, have a question about their plan or status of an open claim, they will find assistance no matter the time of day or day of the week.

All of the Global Alert plans, underwritten by American Modern Home Insurance Company, provide comprehensive coverage with strong benefits for travelers. Both plans offers Hospital of Choice benefits for the emergency medical evacuation coverage. Hospital of Choice allows a traveler to stipulate where to be taken in the event that they need to be evacuated for better care after a medical emergency.


  • 24/7 travel insurance plan support for claims needs or plan questions.
  • Fast, fair and friendly customer service for every traveler and caller.
  • Hospital of Choice benefit available for emergency medical coverage.

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We had to cancel the trip to to a medical problem my wife experienced. We had a no pre-existing condition clause included in the policy. I submitted all of the requested documentation including copies of credit card statements, a letter from the doctor and an attending physicians statement that the doctor completed. Even with all of this they fought paying out the claim. They kept making excuses and asking for more documentation. Three months after I filed my claim, I finally contacted InsureMyTrip and was provided with an advocate to assist me in getting my claim resolved. The advocate called me 1 day after I contacted her and told me that my claim was resolved and I would have a check within a week. I only wish I had asked for assistance sooner. Thanks to their help, I will buy all of my travel insurance from InsureMyTrip.
We filed a claim when my husband took ill while we were on vacation in South Africa. TripMate, the insurance company behind Global Alert, took a very long time to process our claim after we returned home and filed the claim. Additionally, TripMate told us the medical coverage was secondary to our health insurance when that was not the case; TripMate should have paid the hospital directly, which they did not, so we had to pay out of pocket and then recover the hospital and medical expenses. We have finally received full payment for the claim but that happened only after the folks at InsureMyTrip got involved. The Customer Care department of InsureMyTrip is wonderful and they contacted TripMate on our behalf until the claim was finally paid. If you have a problem with any policy sold by InsureMyTrip, they will stand behind it! To summarize - I do not recommend TripMate or Global Alert insurance based on our experience but I definitely do recommend InsureMyTrip.
Meryle M.
It was good to have the insurance. Satisfied as usual with InsureMyTrip information and customer service. Only way to buy travel insurance!
Linda S.
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