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The HCC Atlas International is a single-trip travel medical plan available to U.S. and non-U.S. citizens who are traveling outside of their home country, but not within the U.S. Your primary health insurance may not fully cover you while you are traveling abroad, and this plan can help to fill in those coverage gaps.

You are able to customize your plan by selecting the medical limit that best fits your needs. The available medical limits are $50,000; $100,000; $200,000; $500,000 and $1,000,000. The maximum medical limit for travelers between the ages 70-79 is $100,000. For travelers 80-years-old or older, the maximum limit is $10,000.

Trip interruption benefits can help with the cost of an economy one-way air or ground transportation back home. Covered reasons for trip interruption are destruction to more than 40% of your principal residence by fire or weather (after departure from home country) as well as the death of a parent, spouse, sibling, child or grandchild. Another travel-related coverage in this plan is baggage protection. It will cover up to $500 dollars (up to $50 per item) for replacement of clothes and personal hygiene items if your bag is lost during transit.

Incidental Home Country Coverage is available to U.S. citizens to a maximum of 15 days per three-month period of coverage. If you have an incidental trip back to the U.S. and incur medical expenses during that time, this benefit may be necessary.

This plan also provides coverage for a natural disaster. The natural disaster benefit can help to defray the cost of replacement accommodations in the event you are displaced from planned, paid accommodations due to evacuation from forecasted disaster or following a disaster strike.

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Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.

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Travel Medical plans offer specific coverage needed while traveling abroad. These plans are available to travelers who are leaving their home country and require medical insurance to fill the gaps in their primary health insurance coverage.

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I had a health issue, for which I was promptly assigned a case manager who provided support in getting the documentation required for the pre-authorisation of a medical procedure I needed and then for submitting a claim. They took almost 2 months in refunding me, but eventually they refunded me in full, so I'm a happy customer.
Laura C.
This insurance allowed me to travel without any worries. It was a real peace of mind and affordable. Not having it would just be silly and foolish. Thank you!
Maria G.
I've been using HCC for years. In August I finally had an accident that required a 3-day hospital visit. I had to pay out of pocket almost $3,000 and its now 60 days after my accident and I have not been reimbursed. The company has given me no updates or time frame for this. My accident and treatment were very standard and clearly fall within the guidelines of coverage. It shouldn't take an underwriter more than an hour to see this and approve it. I can no longer recommend HCC - they are the cheapest so I guess you get what you pay for. I will pay more in the future for a more responsive plan. As a Yoga Teacher, $3000 is a lot of money which I needed to borrow- I thought the entire point of insurance was to be covered when you have an accident.... I am frustrated that people give them such high reviews. Reviews from people who did not file claims aren't an accurate assessment of the company. UPDATE: As of 11/29 I have not been reimbursed. I was told that my claim was closed because I did send a from that my hospital sent to them on the day of my accident.The front-line reps are very uninformed- many contradicting each other. The last guy told me it was a bad idea to pay my claim myself (I had to to get my passport back from the hospital), which was exactly the advice I received from HCC several months ago. When an InsureMyTrip rep contacted them directly it was discovered that 2 pieces of paper were 'stuck' together and they would reopen my claim. Very unprofessional. UPDATE Feb 2 2016 I finally received my claim check. I was reimbursed for the total amount of my claim, minus a deductible and small fee for the exchange rate. I'm happy about this, however still unhappy about the 5 months it took to be paid. The company sent 4 checks to me that never arrived and after a number of phone calls they finally UPS'd one to me. How can 4 checks get lost in the mail? Anyway, look elsewhere. I'm currently using IMG Global as they were very responsive to my questions about their policy, however I have not had to file a claim yet.
Keith M.
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