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For over 25 years, MEDEX has been dedicated to serving the needs of international travelers and expatriates. They offer a wide variety of plans that offer emergency medical coverage, whether they are U.S. residents traveling abroad or foreign nationals traveling to the U.S. The plans are built for single-trip and multi-trip coverage to accommodate any travelers’ schedule.


MEDEX, a UnitedHealthcare Global company headquartered in Maryland, specializes in emergency medical help and emergency medical transportation. These plans are designed to protect you and your travel companions on the trip and do not include trip protection coverage, such as trip cancellation or baggage protection, found in many comprehensive plans.

Travelers with MEDEX plans have coordinated worldwide assistance through a central, U.S.-based location. They become a part of a network of over 350,000 healthcare providers who will help you get to a hospital that will provide the best care.


  • A network of over 350,000 healthcare providers around the globe.
  • Options for both U.S. residents traveling abroad and non-U.S. residents traveling to the U.S.
  • World class emergency medical coverage and transportation.

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Felt secure, no worries about the what ifs and so glad we didn't need it. Would not sail without this protection
Cynthia L.
I did not have to use the coverage so I can not speak to how that worked.
Roger R.
I took my 81 year old mother to Paris and London to celebrate her birthday. I needed to know that if anything catastrophic happened to either of us (but more her) that we would be covered. I am an experienced traveler and know that medical emergencies requiring care or transportation back to the US can be extremely expensive. Although we did not, thankfully, need to use the coverage I purchased, it provided peace of mind at a very reasonable price.
Dawn L.
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