On Call International Annual Multi-Trip

The On Call International Annual Multi-Trip Evacuation plan offers assistance services that can help you prior to and during your trip. This membership covers you for multiple trips taken during the year, and each trip can last up to 90, 180, 270 or 365 days maximum per trip (depending on which option you select). You are provided with a 24-hour number to call, in the event there is an emergency during your trip, where you can get assistance with arranging a medical transport, medical or dental referrals, pre-trip planning, and concierge services.

If you are hospitalized during your trip and need to be transported, On Call will make arrangements to get you from the initial treatment facility to a hospital of your choice, as long as all transportation requirements are met.

For membership benefits to be effective, you must be traveling more than 50 miles away from your primary residence, and your trip must not last longer than the maximum trip length selected.

The plan information below is nonspecific. To see actual amounts and to check plan availability, get a quote.

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Plan Type
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View Certificate
Refund Policy
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Insurance Underwriter
Virginia Surety Company
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Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.
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Trip Protection
This Evacuation plan does not offer Trip Protection benefits.
This Evacuation plan does not offer Medical benefits.
Pre-Existing Conditions
This Evacuation plan does not offer Pre-Existing Conditions benefits.
Medical Evacuation
Evacuation from
Initial Treatment Facility
Evacuation to
Hospital of Choice
Evacuation criteria
Member's Discretion
Accidental Death
This Evacuation plan does not offer Accidental Death benefits.
Additional Benefits
24-Hour Emergency Assistance
Rental Car

90 Days max. per trip (+$)
180 Days max. per trip (+$)
270 Days max. per trip (+$)
365 Days max. per trip (+$)
1 year membership

This plan is a membership program, and is not an insurance plan
Available to
U.S. Residents

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On Call International
It was nice to know I had this plan and was glad I did not need to use it. I have renewed for another year. I hope I don't need it this year.
Christine R.
On Call International
My husband and I travel a few times a year both internationally and domestically. On Call gives us peace of mind knowing that if we need medical evacuation services, they are available 24/7 to assist us with our needs. We purchased the plan for a year. We haven't had to utilize it, but it's available if we need it.
Kathleen G.
On Call International
Great idea for frequent travelers. This is an item that can be added to my permanent insurance portfolio as long as I am still able to travel.
Lynda F.
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