Travel Guard Gold

The Travel Guard Gold plan offers mid-level coverage and more options than Basic and Silver, allowing you to customize the plan to best fit your needs.

Some plan highlights include:

  • Children age 17 and under are free when there is at least one covered adult on the plan.
  • Trip Cancellation, including covered work reasons.
  • Optional Cancel for Any Reason, allowing you to cancel your trip for something other than a covered reason up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure. You must purchase the plan within 15 days of your initial trip payment, and meet all requirements to be eligible for this coverage. Reimbursement is up to 50% of your insured non-refundable trip cost.
  • The Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver is available if the plan is purchased within 15 days of the initial trip payment, and all eligibility requirements are met.
  • Other coverages included are Baggage, Travel Delay, Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and Accidental Death - 24-Hour.

Because plans can change in a moment's notice, it is best to purchase your plan soon after making your initial trip payment so that you can enjoy the most benefits that the plan has to offer.

The plan information below is nonspecific. To see actual amounts and to check plan availability, get a quote.

Plan Info
Plan Type
View Certificate
View Certificate
Refund Policy
15 Day Review Period
Insurance Underwriter
National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
AM Best Rating
Years in Business

Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.
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Trip Protection
Trip Cancellation
Trip Cost
Trip Interruption
Trip Cost + 50%
Financial Default
14 day wait, if purchased within 15 days of Initial Trip Payment
Terrorism in Itinerary City
Foreign & U.S. Domestic
Interrupt for Any Reason
Cancel for Any Reason
50% of non-refundable trip cost [Requires purchase within 15 days of Initial Trip Payment] (+$)
Baggage Loss
$1,000 (secondary)
Baggage Delay
12+ hours
$300 max.
Travel Delay
5+ hours
$750 max.
Supplier Default
Medical Limit
Complications of Pregnancy
$500 Incl. in Medical
Emergency Medical Expenses
Pre-Existing Conditions
Sudden Recurrence
If insurance purchased within 15 days of Initial Trip Payment
Lookback Period
180 Days
Pre-Existing Condition Period
Medical Evacuation
$500,000 (secondary)
Evacuation from
Evacuation to
Evacuation criteria
Accidental Death
24-Hr Full Coverage
(Cannot be combined with Coverage for Accidental Death - Flight)
Common Carrier
Included in Accidental Death - 24-Hour
Flight Only
$50,000 [Requires purchase within 15 days of Initial Trip Payment]

Flight Upgrade
(Cannot be combined with Coverage for Accidental Death - 24-Hour)

$100,000 (+$)
$200,000 (+$)
$300,000 (+$)
$400,000 (+$)
$500,000 (+$)
Additional Benefits
24-Hour Emergency Assistance
Rental Car
$35,000 ($250 ded.) (+$)

Emergency Evacuation Upgrade
Emergency Evacuation Upgrade (+$)
Cancel For Work Reasons Benefit Included

Identity Theft Services
Available to
U.S. Residents

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Travel Guard
Bought this plan at the last minute because of some sleepless worried nights. I was really concerned about medical coverage since we were traveling out of the country with our 5 children, but when our flight was delayed 2 days on our return I breathed a sigh of relief when I remembered the insurance policy I had purchased. Meals, lodging, and transportation for 7 people for 2 days adds up quite quickly. My husband wanted to give me a "Wife of the Year" Award for thinking to buy this policy! The travel assistance people were wonderful. They found and booked us adjoining rooms from the airport. What could have been a hugely stressful situation-being stranded 2000 miles from our home-was only mildly stressful. When we came home, I turned in all my receipts and filled out a small amount of paperwork. I had a check in the mail within 3 weeks. Easy and helpful. I can not praise Travel Guard enough.
Jeremy K.
Travel Guard
The peace of mind in knowing that we were covered was well worth the cost! Thank you!
Carol B.
Travel Guard
The plan I purchased gave me peace of mind.
Claire S.
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