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Travel Insurance Coordinators provides three plan options for Canadian travelers who are ready to see the world. Whether you are traveling to the United States during your trip or traveling to see the other corners of the globe, you can find a plan that fits your travel needs.


Travel Insurance Coordinators (TIC) and Trent Health were founded in the mid-1960's with the goal of providing Canadians with exceptional and affordable insurance products. In 2004 Co-operators purchased both companies and in 2005 they became a single company under the name TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd. TIC is now one of the largest travel insurers in Canada.

TIC is 100% owned by Co-operators Life Insurance Company, which is part of the Co-operators Group, Canada's largest, Canadian-owned, multi-product insurer. TIC's business is based on the values of respect for employees, distributors, customers and the environment. They are based in Toronto, ON.


  • All plans include a 24-hour emergency service hotline for travelers.
  • Business based on values of respect.
  • One of the largest travel insurers in Canada.

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Did not have to use it but felt very comfortable with the coverage and the 'lay man' terms.
Murray B.
It is difficult to review a plan and truly comment on it without having used it. The policy was reasonably priced and provided a feeling of comfort to have it on hand. Like any other insurance, one always hopes that it will not have to be used. We had an enjoyable trip, weather was not as warm as expected, but we had a great time and remained happy, healthy and safe. TIC will be considered again for the next trip out of the country.
Peter K.
Trip was uneventful, no problems of any kind encountered on whole trip I got the flu bug the last day of the trip but not very bad we didn't find out how good the insurance policy was because fortunately we didn't need it the whole family enjoyed the whole stay weather was perfect except for one day will keep your records if and when we decide to go again, I must say this is the first time in all our travels that a company was really interested in how we did for this we thank you very much.
Steve K.
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