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The Prime plan allows you to insure a higher trip cost than the Essential plan and also includes higher amounts of coverage to protect your pre-paid non-refundable monetary investment. This plan includes benefits for missed connections and changes in itineraries, along with a pre-existing condition waiver.

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Customers rate the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Prime plan
(4.59 out of 5)
based on 368 ratings and reviews.
98% of customers would recommend this plan to a friend or a relative.
French Polynesia
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Nationwide Mutual Insurance Prime
Our trip was to French Polynesia. The plan was more than I expected and it was a great piece of mind knowing that my wife and I were covered from the 3 weeks we were there visiting.
We had no issues and thankfully, we did not need to file a claim. I'll definitely be purchasing travel insurance each time I travel outside the US.
Jonathan W. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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