Every comprehensive policy provides coverage for lost, stolen or damaged baggage while you travel. You can of course view each package's baggage limitations by clicking on the dollar amount for baggage on any given policy, but here are a few things to keep in mind while you review your options:

  • While a policy may say baggage is covered up to X amount, the amount of coverage will almost always have a per article limit, a specific amount they will cover for any one item. This will vary by policy, but is usually around $200 per article.
  • Precious or valuable articles like watches, jewelry, furs, silver, gold, cameras and electronics, etc., can have a combined maximum of their own, typically up to a portion of the total baggage amount.
  • As with any other benefit, baggage will have its own set of exclusions. This may include lists of items the policy will not cover, or circumstances of loss that will not be covered.
  • Since documentation is always needed by insurance companies, it is recommended that you either have receipts for the articles you are taking with you (if possible, since this will not always be an option. It is always ideal however, as most companies pay actual cash value in the absence of proof of cost) or take a picture of your suitcase to serve as proof of what you are carrying with you on your trip.