If you are hospitalized overseas or suffer any sort of severe medical emergency, your first thought may be that you want to get home as soon as possible. Emergency evacuation is a great benefit to have, but it does have a set of criteria that must match to deploy coverage. Here is what you will want to remember as you review the different insurance options.

  1. In order for a company to preform an evacuation, it must be medically necessary. The initial hospital or medical facility you are taken to must be incapable of providing you with the level of care necessary for your condition. This is determined by the attending physician and the program medical advisor of your insurance company.
  2. Evacuation must be organized by the insurance company. Any arrangements you make on your own may be excluded from coverage if you do not go through your insurance company first. In certain emergency circumstances this may not apply. However, if medically possible, always go through your insurance company.

A few more items to be aware of regarding the actual performance of an evacuation;

  • You will not be automatically transported back to your home country. If it is medically necessary that you be evacuated to a more appropriate hospital, the company will get you to the nearest appropriate facility where you can receive appropriate care.

  • Certain policies will offer a benefit called 'hospital of choice'. This benefit will allow you to make the decision on where you are brought if an evacuation becomes necessary. This does not guarantee that you will automatically be taken home, however. In an emergency situation where you need medical care immediately, you will be taken to the nearest facility of medical excellence for stabilization. After you're life is no longer in danger, if necessary, the evacuation benefit will cover for repatriation, or transporting you back home for recovery or further treatment. Some limitations may apply here, certain companies will only cover the cost of an evacuation as far as your place of residence. Anything that would be more would not be covered.

This is how the evacuation coverage on the comprehensive policies and medical policies will work. For the evacuation memberships, coverage may apply differently.