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AIG Travel Travel Guard Protect Assist

The AIG Travel Travel Guard Protect Assist plan offers mid-level coverage and more options than the Travel Guard Basic and Travel Guard Essential Expanded. This plan offers you, as the traveler, several options to customize your comprehensive travel insurance plan to best fit your travel needs.

This plan offers excellent comprehensive benefits such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage protection and travel delay. You can find these benefits in the other plans from AIG Travel, but this plan comes with some added benefits.

With this plan, the trip cancellation reasons also include work reasons. For example, if you are terminated from your job, you may be eligible for reimbursements due to this reason. You can find the whole list in the full certificate of the plan.

This plan includes several time-sensitive benefits like the pre-existing conditions waiver, which is available if the plan is purchased within 15 days of your initial trip payment and all eligibility requirements are met, and the financial default benefit.

For complete coverage information and exclusions, please refer to the Policy of Insurance for your state of residence prior to purchase. Policy may not be available in all states.

Coverages and Plan Info

Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.

Plan Summary

Highlighted Coverages

Trip Cancellation
Trip Interruption
Baggage Loss
Pre-Existing Condition Lookback Period
Medical Evacuation

Plan Info

Plan Type
View Certificate
Refund Policy
Policy premium is non-refundable after purchase
Available to
New York Residents
AM Best Rating

Trip Protection

Trip Cancellation
Trip Interruption
Terrorism in Itinerary City
Interrupt for Any Reason
Cancel for Any Reason
Baggage Loss


Medical Limit

Accidental Death

24-Hr Full Coverage
(Cannot be combined with Coverage for Accidental Death - Flight)
Common Carrier
Included in Accidental Death 24-Hour
Flight Only
$100,000 (+$)
$200,000 (+$)
$300,000 (+$)
$400,000 (+$)
$500,000 (+$)

Flight Upgrade
(Cannot be combined with Coverage for Accidental Death - 24-Hour)


Medical Evacuation

Additional Benefits

24-Hour Emergency Assistance
Optional Coverages

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Ratings and reviews

Our customers rate the AIG Travel Travel Guard Protect Assist on our site
(4.71) of 5
on average based on 34 reviews.
A.M. Best Rating
Better Business Bureau Rating
I've bought travel insurance for years "just in case." Well, this time we needed it. My husband broke one ankle and sprained the other while we were traveling in Cambodia. He ended up visiting two hospitals in Cambodia, and spending several nights as an inpatient at the wonderful Royal Phnom Penh Hospital. The hospital contacted AIG and helped us fill out forms and told us to keep copies of itemized receipts. (We paid out of pocket and were reimbursed.) My husband needed a nurse to fly with him back to the USA from Cambodia and the insurance handled all of that, rebooking flights so my husband and the nurse flew business class so my husband's legs could remain elevated during the flight. I can't imagine having to navigate all this on my own. Filing our claim and uploading documents was easy, as was checking on their status. We were reimbursed for all expenses, thanks to keeping all of our receipts. We are definitely getting AIG travel insurance our next trip, though I'm hoping we don't actually need to use it again!
Susan S.
policy was easy to obtain online. We did not have to file a claim.
Denise O.
Did not need to use the plan so that is best satisfaction—stayed healthy during trip
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