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With over 20 years of experience, MedjetAssist brings a unique service to the travel industry. They offer memberships that provide domestic and global air medical transport. If a MedjetAssist member should become hospitalized more than 150 miles from home and meet the transport criteria, they could be transported home - to their hospital of choice.


Purchasing a MedjetAssist plan is not like purchasing a traditional travel medical plan. When you purchase a membership from MedjetAssist, you are entering into a vast pool of travelers who are part of a membership program for domestic and global air medical transport.

MedjetAssist is responsible for more than 115,000 lives within its membership program. Each member is covered by a plan that fits their individual trip length and needs for emergency medical evacuation coverage. These plans are designed to give travelers the peace of mind that, most anywhere they travel, they can be close to home when recovering.

Each plan is specifically designed to support medical evacuations only. MedjetAssist plans do not include trip protection benefits or medical care coverage. The “Elite Upgrade” option offers additional services such as Personal Concierge Service, Secure Online Maintenance of Healthcare Information and Document Storage, and Discounted Concierge Service for In-Home or office Vaccinations and Immunizations.

None of the memberships are available to travelers over the age of 74. For travelers age 75 to 85, please call us at 1-800-487-4722 for the MedjetAssist Diamond Membership.


  • Elite Upgrade available for additional services for travel needs.
  • Company responsible for over 115,000 lives within its membership program.
  • All plans specifically designed for medical evacuation only.

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We were travelling in Asia with standard travel insurance which included med evacuation to the nearest hospital they determined could handle a medical problem. No way I wanted to be in Asia with a problem. So I purchased MedJet Assist to have the peace of mind that I could return to any hospital in the US. I got one year of coverage at a very reasonable cost. Perfect.
it was easy to purchase and appeared to cover what i was interested in however; since i did not need to use it, i have no idea if it was any good or not.
William W.
I did not require any services, but certainly had peace of mind during the trip which is important. thanks
Peter G.
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