MedjetAssist Short Term

The MedjetAssist Short Term membership is best if you are taking a short trip but still want the protection of medical evacuation coverage. This is a single trip membership that covers trips up to 30 days in length when you are traveling more than 150 miles from home.

Whether you are traveling across the country or to an exotic foreign destination, this plan will give you the peace of mind that you can get to a hospital of your choice in the event that you are hospitalized during your trip and meet all transport criteria.

If a situation arises where your coverage is needed, you don’t have to worry about arranging your transport home. MedjetAssist will make all arrangements and provide the medical care that you need during the transportation, whether it be a team on medically dedicated MedjetAssist authorized aircraft or a medical escort on a commercial airline. You just need to focus on your recovery and let MedjetAssist do the rest.

This membership is available for travelers age 74 and under, their spouse and up to five unmarried dependent children that will be traveling more than 150 miles away from home.

For travelers age 75 to 85, please call us at 1-800-487-4722 for the MedjetAssist Diamond Membership.

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Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.

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Medical Evacuation
Evacuation to
Evacuation criteria

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Medical Evacuation
Evacuation to
Evacuation criteria

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24-Hour Emergency Assistance
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30 Days max. per trip

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Well, everything went swimmingly until our flight home on 10/12 was delayed due to Storm Cullum. We were stuck for 3 1/2 days trying to get home. Since our insurance was only booked through 10/12, I tried to get in touch with you and with Medjet to see if it needed to be be extended. I called the emergency number on a Sunday to find out. They said they couldn't help me and to call back on Monday. Fat lot of good that did.
Anne W.
An economical way to have the added security we felt we needed for this trip
Traci J.
An economical way to have the added security we felt we needed for this trip.
Linda E.
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