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TravelSafe Classic

The TravelSafe Classic plan, like the Basic plan, offers trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage with a longer list of covered perils for these benefits. The plan also features other standard comprehensive travel insurance benefits such as baggage protection, travel delay, and emergency medical coverage.

This plan includes additional coverages that are not available to travelers who purchase the Basic plan. These coverages can include the Pre-Exisiting Conditions Waiver, the Cancel For Any Reason Option, and coverage for cancellation due to a hurricane warning issued by the NOAA (National Hurricane Center). If you will be traveling to a destination that is commonly in the path of hurricanes during the months of June through November, commonly known as Hurricane Season, this will be an invaluable benefit. These coverages may not be available for all states. Please refer to the full details of your plan for additional information regarding these benefits.

Included with the TravelSafe Classic plan is also coverage for cancellation due to work reasons. Being required to work during your trip, causing you to have to cancel your travel plans, can make you eligible for reimbursement. You will need proof from your employer showing revocation of previously approved time off. Please refer to the full details of your plan for additional information regarding this benefits.

Coverages and Plan Info

Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.

Plan Summary

Highlighted Coverages

Trip Cancellation
Trip Interruption
Baggage Loss
Baggage Delay
Pre-Existing Condition Lookback Period
Medical Evacuation

Plan Info

Plan Type
View Certificate
Refund Policy
Available to
U.S. Residents
AM Best Rating


Medical Limit

Accidental Death

24-Hr Full Coverage
Common Carrier
Included in Accidental Death 24-Hour


Medical Evacuation

Additional Benefits

24-Hour Emergency Assistance
Rental Car
Optional Coverages

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Luckily we didn’t need the coverage this trip. Two trips ago my FIL died while we were on a cruise and this insurance really saved us. Nobody accounts for the unseeable, but, when you need a net to catch you, it is 100% worth it! A must when traveling!
Susan K.
So lots of reviews on this site are from people who have never filed a claim. In this instance I did not file a claim, but I almost had to. I had a trip planned to Chile and the week before my departure date they had rioting and civil unrest and the US State Department raised their travel advisory level to 2. Despite all these circumstances and that most people would not want to visit Chile under these conditions, most of the policies on the site do not cover "civil unrest", they cover Terrorism. I was told perhaps if the US travel advisory level got to "3" i should file a claim and see what the claims department would say. I was advised I should have bought a "cancel for any reason" policy. So that's something for people to consider as they travel outside of USA and Europe. Fortunately we were able to seek refunds from the hotel and airlines given the circumstances. But this has enlightened me as to what these policies do not cover.
Eric L.
Canceled trip, wife sick.
William P.
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